Botox and Dermal Fillers – Here Is Your Information

Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments that are usually done in a doctor's office through injections. They are minimally invasive, which means they are not surgical. However, this is the end of their similarities. The line between Botox vs. fillers can occasionally appear a bit murky and it's probably all a bit confusing if you think about getting injections. You may have wondered to know which injectable is right for when you are interested in cosmetic therapy to improve your appearance.

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What Is Botox? How it Works –

A purified neurotoxin protein is the active ingredient of Botox. Injected into the face, it primarily weakens the targeted facial muscles. If the muscles are weak, they won't contract, as wrinkles develop due to the facial muscle contraction.

Aesthetic Effect of Botox

The crow's feet and frown lines, forehead lines, wrinkles, upper lines, hairlines, or dimpled chin, can be diminished by Botox treatment. It works best for patients who want to minimize facial wrinkles. Botox therapy usually lasts for between four and six months.

Botox Results

The therapy is used to adjust the lines caused by the expression of the face to ensure natural results. The results vary between people but range from three to six months. The results are different. Patients have generally entered the clinic and point to a particular line they don't like. Good practitioners of Botox in OKC should not only look at this specific line but should look beyond the line at how the face looks entirely (as it can make a face look unnatural if just an individual line is handled).

Botox Side-effects

Since Botox is temporary, most of its side effects are temporary.

  • A Weakness of the muscles near the site of injection

  • Headache, rash or itching

  • Bleeding, pain, blurredness, swelling, or redness

  • Dry mouth

  • Headache

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Dermal Filler

What Is It? How It Works –

The natural elastin and collagen in the skin decrease as we age, as the cells lose their ability to produce a greater proportion of their youth. The skin turns drier, slimmer and loose. When we are born, we have abundant hyaluronic acid (HA) in our body. As we get older, this store of HA decreases and leaves the skin less well supported. It can change the appearance of a person by lifting or smoothing targeted wrinkles by adding subtle volume, thus providing a new look to them.

Usually, this naturally occurring product hyaluronic acid (HA) is injected by a mini needle by a dermal filler professional in OKC for the treatment of wrinkles with dermal fillers. The inconvenience is minimal since the treatment does not take long. Immediately after the treatment, the esthetic results of treatments with dermal filler are seen. The treatment of dermal wrinkles is fast and does not leave any scars.

What is the function of dermal filler? Like Botox is injection so is dermal filler. However, the dermal filler plumps the target area instead of weakening the muscle. The lips or other facial areas which look hollow are popular treatment areas with a dermal filler. We also have an additional lip improvement procedure at Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa, which involves the use of a dermal filler to add lip volume.

Results of Dermal Filler

The results should be subtle, leaving family and friends to believe that you still have the best looks for your years. The treatment endures between 18-24 months, but the effects of the treatment start to smooth out, so there are no dramatic changes at the end of this period. We try to redo the treatment when the effects begin to soften.

Risks and Side-effects

Dermal fillers are established to be safe, but there may be side effects.

  • Blemishes, rash or itching

  • REDNESS, flushing, bleeding, swelling

At Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa, we will help to have dermal filler or Botox in OKC according to your skin condition and cosmetic goals.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.