Coolsculpting and Its Effectiveness for Fat Removal

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It is recommended that you visit a doctor for nonsurgical fat removal to find out whether you are a candidate for receiving CoolSculpting treatment. It is essential that your physician sets the right expectations before receiving a CoolSculpting treatment, and every case is different.

Expectation During the Treatment

Treatment times may vary depending on the body part. Most treatments take between 35 and 60 minutes for each treatment area, and the patient should allow sufficient time for going on about their usual routine.

Many practices allow multiple areas to be treated in one day! Treatment with CoolSculpting is approved by the FDA and is most frequently performed on the neck, abdomen, back, breast, thighs and upper arms.

Expectations after the Treatment

CoolSculpting is a reliable and effective nonsurgical fat removal treatment that provides accurately controlled treatment, which aims at the fat cells under the skin. The process it uses is called cryolipolysis where the fat cells are crystallized and broken.

Your body will process and eliminate dead fat cells, leaving you more sculpted and lean after your CoolSculpting treatment. Recall that CoolSculpting is a way of reducing fat for cosmetic purposes without the invasiveness of liposuction. Following treatment with CoolSculpting, patients can expect a fat reduction in the treated area of up to 20% to 25%, but it should be recalled that the CoolSculpting procedure does not constitute weight loss. For general fat loss, diet and exercise are still anyone’s best advice.

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When You Can Start Noticing the Results

Patients begin to see results of treatment in as little as a month, but approximately it takes three months to show the results. Multiple CoolSculpting treatments have been chosen by many patients in several areas to meet their body sculpture objectives. See some images of real CoolSculpting patients before and after to see some cool results.

The cost of coolsculpting varies with the state you live in, the treatable body parts and many other factors. It would be the best if you consult our nonsurgical fat removal professionals in Oklahoma City for your diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups. Come to us at Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa for a discussion with experienced doctors and get the right treatment plan for you.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.