Do You Need Facelift Surgery?

With age, the skin covering our face and neck gets loosened by gravity and aging. We lose skin elasticity and get weakened muscles due to the force of gravity. That may make us look older than we are, or feel, and everybody wants to look younger.


What Is a Facelift?

In OKC, facelift surgery is prevalent. People opt for this one to get rid of the sagging skin and get a younger looking face. An aging face generally loses elasticity, fat, and tone in the muscle. For the best results, additional treatments can be included in the treatment process.

Do I Need a Facelift?

Unlike stereotypical opinion, a facelift does not make patients look like a teenager or model to the majority of people. Most of our patients want their aged look just better. Many of them feel great, but their appearance causes people to ask them whether they are okay because of their thin skin. You may be an excellent candidate for a facelift if you are not looking for a fountain of youth, but want to look more beautiful for your age.

  • Do you have thick wrinkles?

  • Has your sharp neckline lost its definition?

  • Do you have loosened skin on your face and neck?

  • Does your face look older than your age?

Ask yourself these questions, and if you get ‘yes’ for all the questions, it’s time to consult a facelift surgeon in OKC.

Why Should You Get Early Treatment?

Doctors often suggest that you do not wait long, because skin elasticity decreases when you get older. Patients between the ages of 40 and 45 tend to achieve good results. This reduces the need in their older years for a second facelift. This is because the skin elasticity of this age group is sufficient to achieve a positive result. If you still have good health, you might think of an early facelift to make recovery easier. This procedure offers a far more lasting result than other cosmetic treatments.

What Is the Age Limit?

The opinion of experts varies for the ideal age. Since each person ages differently, the correct age is difficult to determine. Some say that there are no age limits while others believe that an ideal candidate is between a certain age. It depends only on your particular case, which is one of the reasons why initial consultations are so necessary.

It is generally unusual for you to have this treatment in your thirties, but it is only by looking in the mirror and consulting a qualified surgeon that you can determine it at a younger age. In some cases, all you need to do is to address fine lines and other issues through non invasive treatment.

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You can always learn more about other facial cosmetic surgeries from our facelift professionals in OKC and find the best procedure to meet your needs if you want to look young or regain a vibrant self. At Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa, we help you decide how the results you want will be achieved. Call us for a consultation today.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.