Does CoolSculpting Work for Weight Loss?

You do everything right - eat healthy food with rich nutrition, drink right vitamins and supplements, and practice more than most. You are doing everything right. However, this distressing excess fat remains around the waist! Sounds like you? Well, the solution you've been looking for can finally be Coolsculpting in OKC.

It is a great way to eliminate fat cells in what we call the 'problem areas' without doing any invasive procedure or surgery if you are not familiar with Coolsculpting, i.e., non-surgical fat removal process.

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How Does the Process Work?

When you receive CoolSculpting in OKC, your doctor will put an applicator onto your treatment area to freeze fat beneath the surface. CoolSculpting is approved by FDA for the chin, thighs, bellies, bra and back areas, under the buttocks and upper arms. CoolSculpting is also called cryolipolysis.

It may have a slight sore in the following days in the area you were treated. Your skin may be somewhat itchy a week later. You can go back about a day later and take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Most people see results— that is, in one to three months a reduction in a jiggly zone, or a reduction in outer thighs.

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CoolSculpting for Weight Loss

When it is done by a professional, CoolSculpting is safe. A study from 19 studies of plastic and reconstructive surgery published in 2015 found that the process contributes to removing fat that has limited side effects, such as swelling, bleeding, pain, or cure.

Worldwide there were more than six million treatments and more than 70 articles and abstracts. There is no other non-invasive device with such evidence or experience.

An ideal patient: Somebody who has a stable weight and only stubborn fat that doesn't respond to regular workout and diet, like a tummy area that doesn't reduce regardless of how good you're eating or how many planks you do.

Involved Techniques

Two times, typically four weeks apart, the entire stomach region would normally be treated. The upper and lower abdominal area would be included in most patients. The love area also called the lower flank area, would be treated. By combining these areas, excess fat can be treated throughout the waistline. Moreover, we greatly increase efficacy by doing two treatments. Historically, most patients in my practice have improved their results significantly by having an area treated again.

It is also wise to perform the procedure in the office of a dermatologist certified as a board although nurses or technicians often do the treatment.

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