Facelift and Ultherapy – Which One Is Right for You?

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The gradual aging process, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits are capable enough to reduce your skin's elasticity. Wrinkled skin can make your appearance look tired, concerned or dull for many years. Thankfully, there are several possibilities to minimize sagging skin and wrinkles, such as Ultherapy and the well-known facelift, to reverse the clock.

Ultherapy is high-tech non-surgical treatment, and the face lift is a popular cosmetic procedure. However, what is the right option for you? It depends on various factors, such as lifestyle, age, and objectives.

About Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a treatment that uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production to raise sagging skin and remove unwanted wrinkles. It can be applied in several areas, including the brow, chin and neck. It is also often used for wrinkles on the chest.

Ultherapy operates by starting collagen production under the skin surface. Collagen is a skin supporting and structuring protein. When you become older, your body naturally produces less of it, which can increase laxity in your skin. With treatment, the skin becomes firmer gradually, losing some of its wrinkles when collagen production is encouraged.

About Facelifts

The facelift is a kind of plastic surgery to reduce aging signs, including the jawline and chin, and other lower parts of the face. Along with the lower part of the skin, deep creases and fatty deposits are also treated. A facelift can take years off your look. However, it cannot stop aging or prevent the development of new wrinkles.

Required Time

The amount of time necessary for treatment is a significant difference between facelift and Ultherapy. Usually, an Ultherapy session takes less than an hour depending on the areas. You may require only one treatment to get your desired results, but some people decide to repeat the procedure every year to maintain the results of it.

A facelift takes much longer and lasts from four to six hours. You will have to see your surgeon after the procedure for a few follow-up appointments to ensure that everything is well healed.

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Because Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment, the downtimes are very low. You can resume your work or other activities soon and you will not have to skip your workouts. In the treatment area, you may have some swelling, redness and bruising, but that generally decreases after a few days.

Recovery takes considerably longer after a facelift. You will most likely have to leave work or other daily activities for at least a week. It may take another few weeks to start exercising or to go back to work.


While both skin tightness and laxity are targeted for minimization, facelift results are generally more dramatic. Ultherapy creates a gentler lift. According to doctors in OKC, a facelift will likely give you better results if you have significant skin sagging. Ultherapy is frequently a better choice for people who have only just become aware of the signs of aging.

No matter whether you need a non-surgical treatment like Ultherapy or are looking for a facelift, consulting the best doctors in Oklahoma City is your next step. At Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa, you will get proper guidance and appropriate treatment to keep you looking your best!

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