Facelift Recovery – What You Didn’t Know

There may also be a large number of unknowns during the recovery period after a facelift, but it must not be. You likely want to understand what you can expect during recovery, or what modifications you will have to create to assist your recovery go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking at a facelift in OKC, during your consultation, your facial plastic surgeon can provide additional details about the recovery period, but the responses below should give you enough data to start.


The main concern for many facelift customers in OKC is that their faces look swollen and that they don't seem to improve very fast. Most surgeons suggest that you leave the job and ordinary activities for two weeks. This period is suggested because you can conceal your operation with hair and makeup for 10 to fourteen days for original and awkward swelling. It can take several months for yourself to dilute the swelling or a general feeling that your face looks "puffy." During those months, your final results will take shape, but it takes time for your face to cure and adapt to its new skin.

Your surgeon may have a few methods to keep your head high, use an antihistamine like Zyrtec or ibuprofen, or with cold compresses for relieving. You may want to take extra time from work or speak to your surgeon, about your worries during a consultation or follow-up appointment if you are particularly worried about appearing swollen in public.

What to Eat

If you have received general anesthesia, you are unlikely to eat for several hours. In general, it is recommended to stick to liquids during the first few hours, but then begin to add soft foods to your diet. Your surgeon will let you know precisely what you are eating within hours of surgery. You may get some nausea as the anesthetic wears away, which means that if anything, you won't eat a great deal.


You can get back from a facelift while sleeping somewhat difficult. It may be especially difficult if you are a side sleeper or your stomach sleeper, as your surgeon highly suggests that you sleep on your back while two pills restore your head. That sleep keeps your head high, reduces swelling, and keeps your incisions under pressure.

After surgery, you can get a little sleepier by getting used to sleeping on your back a couple of weeks before lifting. Round yourself with pillows, so that while you sleep, you will not roll over too.

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Bathing and Makeup

Usually, after your facelift in OKC, you don't have to wait long until you can take bath or shower. It is generally fine to shower the day after surgery, but before you do it, you will want to check again with your doctor. Be very soft, especially around the incision fields when you are showering. It is generally acceptable to wash your hair, but instead of a hairdryer, you should leave the air dry.

Scar Healing

Your doctor will be very careful about facelift in OKC to position your skins so that they can be concealed behind your neck and ears by your hair. Even when they are cured, they are not usually noticeable to the casual viewer. However, we are our own worst criticisms, and the appearance of your scars is often overlooked. They are probably red and raised for a couple of months, and it's normal that they may never be completely covered up. It can take almost two years to shape and flatten your scars. You can improve their appearance on both the short and long term by taking care of them, especially in the early stages of healing. Keeping them moisturized by the surgeon's recommended cures to ensure that they heal as invisibly as possible, to protect them from infection and direct sunlight.

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** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.