How Is the Tattoo Removal Process?

Over the years, laser therapy for tattoos has greatly improved, making removing unwanted tattoos easier and less painful. It is, however, worth noting that in many cases, complete removal of tattoos is difficult, especially for people with multicolored tattoos.

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Lasers use powerful energy to dissociate pigments or inks into small, easily removable particles in a tattoo. For each ink color, various types of lasers are used. We offer a range of lasers at the Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa for tattoo removal in OKC.


If you plan to remove tattoos, you will first meet a specialist to discuss your cosmetic objectives. You will also be talking about your medical history, including past and present surgeries, medicines, as well as nutritional and herbal supplements you are taking.

During the consultation on laser tattoo removal, we will discuss risks, advantages, and likely results. The results can be compared with photographs before and after.

The latest, advanced lasers can

  • Help to get rid of tattoos more effectively

  • Remove tattoo ink permanently

  • Remove once hard to remove ink colors

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Do You Need to Consult before Tattoo Removal?

In fact, before tattoo removal in OKC, there is a lot to consider. The facts include –

  • How long has the tattoo been in place

  • How far the ink covers your skin

  • Your tattoo colors

  • Where is the tattoo on your body?

  • Health status

  • Medications

  • Scarring


Each tattoo is unique and calls for different sessions of treatment. Although many patients want to understand the exact number of therapies they require, this is hard to predict. The required number of sessions depends on a range of factors, including size, color, place, tattoo age, and skin ink quantity.

Some patients have five to 10 sessions to complete their treatment. Many patients need further therapy; however, in some cases, up to 20 sessions. In general, six to eight weeks apart are scheduled.

Laser tattoo removal can be somewhat uncomfortable - granted you were tough enough to get it the ink in the first place! We can numb the skin with a local anesthetic before treatment begins, to make you more comfortable.

During your treatment of tattoo removal in OKC, you will receive protective eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the strong laser light. Depending on the size and type of your tattoo, the procedure can last five to 20 minutes.

Repeated sessions will be required to lighten the tattoo, though the total removal of the ink may not be possible. Bright, multicolored tattoos are hard to remove, and numerous sessions are required.


You can swell and possibly blister or bleed after the procedure. By using a petrolatum ointment for a few days, and keeping the area as clean as possible you can speed healing. You also have to keep the area clean and sterile for about a week after treatment until the skin is repaired.

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** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.