How Long Will Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

As everybody has different types of skin and hair, it varies from person to person to answer, "How long laser hair removal stays?" The removal of laser hair tends best for people with light and dark hair.

The removal of laser hair can be permanent or not. Most unwanted hair is lowered, but as thousands of hair follicles are present on your skin, some hair can grow back in some months or years after therapy. The length of the result depends on the type of hair and skin of the individual and of course on the right service provider for laser hair removal in OKC.

The majority of people will see a reduction in the density of at least 80%. The hair growth is usually thinner than was the case at the beginning of treatment, finer and lighter in color.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser treatment uses a mild form of radiation with high heat laser beams. These laser beams heat your hair follicles and damage them during the process.

The follicles of your hair lie underneath your skin. These follicles are responsible for new hair growth. Hair production is temporarily disabled if the follicles are destroyed.

Tweeze, shave, and wax remove all hair over the surface, however. These methods are not targeted at follicles that produce hair.

The bikini line, chest, shoulder, face (except eye area) neck and back are ideal body parts for laser hair removal.

This kind of hair removal works best on light skin tones with darker hair colors. The lasers aim at hair melanin (color). The lightening of your color may reduce the appearance of the hair on the skin, even if some hairs are not removed. A few days from your first treatment, you may also shed some of your hair.

In general, the removal of laser hair is rather fast. Smaller regions can only take minutes such as the upper lip. Long hair removal areas may take an hour or longer to remove, such as the back or chest.

Almost all hair follicles heal, despite the high success rate of laser hair removal. This leads to the production of new hair. You will have to undergo multiple treatment sessions to ensure the best possible results.

It Is Not for All

Doctors generally agree that a fair person with dark coarser hair is the ideal person for laser hair removal. The result is a lot harder for those who have red, blond, blond strawberry, white or very fine hair.

Because the laser light in the hair is not enough to absorb it, if the heat generated is too small to destroy the follicles, and the treatment is inefficient if not sufficient laser light is absorbed.

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The Right Professional

In laser hair removal in OKC, the most important factor is to find the correct doctor with the correct skill. If that is not the case, you throw money on several treatments that may not work and may ultimately harm you.

In inexperienced hands, laser hair removal may be harmful. We recommend contacting a certified dermatologist or esthetician who has a laser training and a profound knowledge of the skin for your treatment. Come to Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa for laser hair removal in OKC.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.