How’s the Idea of a Pre-holiday Facial Rejuvenation

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Who does not want the perfect holiday? For most people, a holiday is all about relaxation, for some, it is about exploring new places and looking great for social media snaps. To look great, you need to be happy on the inside, otherwise, it will reflect on your face and skin. Even unhygienic habits or lack of maintenance can show on the skin easily. Before stepping out of your house for a vacation you should get a facial rejuvenation.

It will reduce your stress and soothe your mind. The treatment reduces subtle aging signs from your face. Because stress-free and youthful face always looks great. Fortunately, in OKC there are a number of facial rejuvenation treatment clinics that will help you to get affordable and effective procedures.

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Facial Fillers and Invasive Treatment

Prominent wrinkles, on any face, are really frustrating. They make the face look dull and much older than it really is. Invasive treatments like fillers, or Botox, relax facial muscles which are responsible for wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Strategically placed injections can show instant results around the forehead and eye areas. There are some dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced in young skin. This acid helps to keep fullness in lips and cheeks which have sunk in with age.

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Chemical Peels

The older we get, the more wrinkles and fine lines there are on the outermost layer of skin. The older skin gets, the more dead skin build up there is to exaggerate wrinkles. Finally, the face gets cracked and dull in appearance. Chemical peel off treatments gently removes that layer from the epidermis. It exposes the newer skin layer. This facial rejuvenation treatment in OKC smooths out blemishes, bumpy skin, acne, wrinkles and fine lines. After using a mild exfoliator, a chemical peel is applied on the face in a single visit. The patient is then walked through all the dos and don’ts that are to be followed for next a few days at home. Depending on the natural healing capacity of the body, a patient can recover faster from the initial swelling.

What are you waiting for? Come to Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa. We provide you with the best facial rejuvenation treatment in OKC to make you picture ready for your next trip.

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