Juvéderm – Other Name of Modern Dermal Filler

Since the late 1800s fillers have been used to correct facial imperfections. Appropriate long-term results have been achieved by enhancing the faces with various mediums such as body fat, paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, and silicon. Conditions like granuloma (a mass of granular tissue) have been developed by these mediums to encourage researchers to find safer, more efficient alternatives.

Today we've got the safest, most durable synthetic fillers, such as hyaluronic acid (Juvéderm). Moreover, the filler type is not the only improved part of the process. In the past, doctors examined volume loss and wrinkles in isolation, which was aimed exclusively on the area, and often produced unwelcome results such as puffiness, bulldogs jowls and too much volume that made a face seem disproportionate. New technology such as anatomical filling has demonstrated its effectiveness. In OKC, dermal fillers are also quite popular.

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How Does Juvéderm Work?

This gel-based filler is injected with a syringe and a blunt tip cannula into and below the layers of your skin. The various formulation types vary in thickness and viscosity. All of these particles are, however, hyaluronic. It is a compound that holds the skin softly and smoothly.

It becomes more difficult to moisturize the skin when we enter our mature adult years. A filler can increase the surface of the skin and eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and holes.

Juvéderm works quickly. The individual notices a smoother skin surface within a few hours after injection. This product promises long-term results as well. Most of our patients have successful results lasting between 9 and 22 months or longer.


Invasive at least. Using small injections, Juvéderm is given. The process is fast, and no downtime is required. Patients can return to work immediately after leaving the office with their daily activities.

Of course, it looks natural. Juvéderm is already found in our bodies as hyaluronic acid. The injections are smooth and can give a natural look once finished.

The procedure is comfortable. Lidocaine, a pain reliever, is contained in the injections to reduce discomfort.

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Quick procedure & results. You can receive Juvéderm, a form of dermal filler in OKC, within 15 minutes. The duration of the process depends on the areas treated. Downtime is not necessary, and most patients require only one treatment to obtain optimal results.

Reversible. Don't worry if you don't like how Juvederm looks like! Biodegradable are hyaluronic acid fillers and their effects get broken over time.

Excellent for severe wrinkles. We get wrinkles when we age and may no longer be happy with our appearance. Juvederm decreases the appearance of wrinkles and again give you a youthful glow.

It can plump your lips as another great advantage for Juvederm. Your lips look natural and full after one treatment.

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** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.