No More Waxing Pain, it is Time for Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is no longer limited for people who are in show business. There are many people around us who are really concerned about unnecessary and abnormal growth of facial hair or on other body parts. There could be several reasons for such growth such as hormonal imbalances, medicinal side-effects, genetics etc. to mention a few. We hope before going in for laser hair removal you have had a proper diagnosis to know the reason behind it. In Oklahoma City, there are places for laser hair removal but when stepping into a laser spa, you have to have a complete idea about it.

Dark Hair Boon

People with dark hair can easily opt for this treatment. Dark hair contains a level of brown pigment or melanin that responds better to laser than grey, red or blonde hair. It is really important to keep some hair on the body part present to check whether it is suitable for treatment or not on the day. This treatment process will work better when the treatment area is full of brown or black thick hair as it is full of melanin and the laser can easily target it.

Skin Type is not a Concern

Your skin type really does not matter when it comes to a laser treatment but a darker skin shade will need more sessions than a pale skin tone. Darker skin absorbs melanin and will cause pigmentation and darken it, when really high energy is used. That is why darker skin needs more sessions.

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No Tan

When getting laser hair removal, the skin needs to be free of tan, only then can the treatment go smoothly ensuring safety and effectiveness. When we get a tan, it produces melanin which is a process that protects the DNA structures underneath the skin. The laser cannot differentiate between natural melanin and stimulated melanin. It acts the same way for both. It heats up the two structures the same and will damage the fragile skin structure. The deepest layer of the skin is called melanocyte, and this is where hair is located. A treatment that activates melanocytes, will stimulate the pigments and bring it to the skin surface making it dark. It may even heat up the water content of the skin, causing blisters.

Before starting your laser hair removal process, the laser spas in Oklahoma City will do a patch test to ensure that your skin can take the treatment. Sensitive skin can also get laser hair removal, but more tests should be done and extra precautions should be taken.


This treatment means you can say goodbye to your monthly waxing sessions and pains. You will find that everything the waxing salon has told you for the sake of their business are all common misconceptions. Come to Longevity Aesthetic & Laser Spa for laser hair removal in Oklahoma City. For any of your queries feel free to ask us anytime.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.