Perfect Age for Botox Treatment

Often patients in OKC want to understand when to begin botox. A cosmetic surgeon can not always answer this question. Sure, to receive Botox injections, you must be over 18 years of age. However, the choice is up to you when it comes to precise timing.

Lines on Forehead

Some individuals wait until Botox treatments stay noticeable even when they are relaxed until the lines are visible on their brow. Lines may be evident in the middle of the 20s for some individuals. Others may notice rest lines only when they are 30 years old.

Preventive Botox

Botox can stop lines on the forehead, particularly between individuals who squint a lot or who believe they will grow lines due to genetics later in their lives. Botox relaxes the muscle, which forms the lines of speech in the skin. Preventative Botox in OKC could begin as soon as 25, depending on patient preference. The earlier you begin Botox therapy, the earlier you avoid wrinkles and lines on your face.

Sun Damage

Botox can also be determined based on the skin color of a patient or how much sun injury is present. Caucasian skin at a previous era may need Botox, particularly when the person has spent much time in the sun. In those instances, Botox may start in the middle of the 30s effectively. People with darker skin in OKC can wait for Botox to begin for a few years.

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Ideal Age

There is no particular era which will benefit everyone, so everything relies on the type of skin and what your skin specialist determines is the perfect option for you personally. A good dermatologist will consider your skin type, sun damage history, lifestyle factors, character, and other problems beyond age.

At the Age of 20

If you want to get started in the mid-20s or earlier, there are some things to consider. You may get away with very little or no Botox and not miss out if you have soft, wrinkle-free skin and spend energy and time protecting against the sun. In case of longer sunlight or tennis beds being used, a smoker or early signs of discomfort due to the family tendency, it might be useful to speak with your derm about light BOTOX that will not break the bank.

At the Age of 30

The early 30s can be marked by more defined wrinkles depending on how often you have unprotected exposure to the sun. This can also be a good time for the prevention of botox in OKC. You face more pressure on your skin when you smoke frequently or live at greater altitudes so 30 years may be a nice time to start taking medicines.

At the Age of 40

When patients achieve 40 years of age, wrinkles are typically described, as the skin begins to thin and the collagen breaks down more clearly, making it an optimal age for many people. Once lines are graduated and noticeable during rest and when you stretch your fingers on your skin, the time has come.

At the Age of 50

The menopause affects the skin considerably. As your concentrations of estrogen decrease, it will be harder for your skin to maintain humidity, making it easier to dry up and wrinkle. In specific, damage induced by sunbathing can become much more significant after age 50. Sun damage represents 80% of the age of the skin and can trigger wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, jaundice, and irregular pigmentation according to single research.

At the Age of 60

In the 60s, many females want to look 'fresher' and 'less tired' with cosmetic procedures that are not surgical, rather than overdone with invasive cosmetic operations.

Botox often coupled with other medicines at this age–is the perfect way to enhance your appearance instead of changing it entirely.

To begin Botox, there is no magic era. It is an individual choice based on many variables such as skin color, sun damage, hereditary, and your willingness to protect against future lines and wrinkles.

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