Some Needful of Your Part for Chemical Peeling

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Beauty is no more a bliss of gene only. If you do not have that perfect nose, defined jawline, fuller lips, bigger lashes and flawless skin, you don’t worry. You are already beautiful from your core; just some little things are needed to be fixed. When medical science is blessed with advanced technology, it is just a mere thing to do.

Chemical peeling is a relevant term in this context. You may have heard of Botox treatment, but chemical peeling may be new to you. Here is some information described the chemical peel by professionals of OKC.

What Is Chemical Peeling?

This is basically a game changer for all of them who want to make their skin flawless. It is capable of balancing your skin tone, remove acne and wrinkles and improve the overall appearance.

What Can You Expect?

It is a treatment, not a walk in the park. Therefore, the post-treatment care is very important to get the best result. People of OKC are fond of chemical peel, but there are some post-treatment situations that you may face and are quite normal. Take a look below:

  • Red skin.

  • A stinging sensation that is expected to be faded within hours.

  • Skin breakouts during recovery because of the unblocked pores.

  • Peeling skin. Dead skin peeling may be shown as sunburn.

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The effects of post-treatment may last up to some weeks. Basically, it varies from person to person. Here are some of the instances:

  1. Three days to two weeks may take depending on the type of the treatment. For instance, the anti-aging treatment may show faster recovery than anti-acne one.

  2. Mostly, the recovery timespan is five to seven days.

  3. After the treatment, your skin can be dried out and you cannot use any product for moisturizing it. Just drink water to stay hydrated.

  4. Within 24 hours of time, you cannot wash your face.

  5. Within the first two days, the break-outs will be there, but that will heal gradually.

What You Should Do and What Not

  • You can’t pick your skin. It’s better to avoid touching it frequently.

  • Don’t rub while washing your face. Be as gentle as possible.

  • Use the non-soap cleansers only. Scrubbing is a big NO until you are completely healed.

  • Avoid being exposed in direct sunlight.

For having this treatment chemical peel done in OKC you need to find out an authentic institute where you can get experienced and skilled professionals. Come to us, Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa and get your skin away from all its imperfections easily.