To Wear That Little Black Dress Come for Non-surgical Fat Removal

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Obesity is one of the greatest concerns these days. Some people are not able to exercise due to physical condition but weight becomes a threat to the body. It is the primary reason behind many of the diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problem, joint and knee issues etc. Quite naturally, when a person is physically incapable to exercise, he/she tries to find alternatives. A few years back, liposuction was quite popular that is a surgical way for fat removal. In the 1980s, cosmetic surgeons used to remove the unwanted fat layer under the skin using a small tube called cannula. The surgeon moves the cannula under the skin where fat is deposited. It removes fat cells and works for a contoured body frame. This process works mainly for the abdomen, legs, back arms, face and back. But it has side-effects. Patients often complain about the results. Therefore, gradually, the non-surgical fat removal process starts making it place on the map.

Shedding excess weight depends on multiple facts such as genetics, lifestyle, age, medical condition, diet etc. If it is done wrongly people can also lose mobility. Here we will discuss non-surgical fat removal process and it uses thermal manipulation techniques.

Cool Sculpting

This is FDA approved technology that makes fat cells crystalized and prematurely removes fat cells. This is a great option for people to reduce fat from the targeted areas that were rigid to be eliminated even after diet and exercise. Freezing and destroying cells automatically excretes fat cells.

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It uses radiofrequency to destroy fat cells as this method uses fat cells to melt the fat cells. This is also FDA approved and rises temperature to a certain point and ruptures the cells. Healing system of the body naturally heals the targeted areas and permanently excretes the fat cells.


This light-based FDA approved technology, which cuts the fat cells underlying the skin of the body. It works similarly to vanquish and rises the temperature of the body to destroy cells. This session runs for 25 minutes rupturing the fat cells.


Kybella is non-human and this is a non-animal version of deoxycholic acid. This is found in general in the gastrointestinal tract for metabolizing fat. It destroys the fat cells around the skin and this is FDA approved. It can contour chin destroying double chin, tightens skin, and makes the body aesthetically pleasing.

There is a concern. You should not do the non-surgical fat removal from any random clinic. You only come to a reputed doctor with proven records and good history. This is all about your body and a single mistake can make you pay a lot. Come to us at Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa to tone your body and wear the dress you have longed.