Top 7 Myths Debunked about Laser Hair Removal

There are many options for hair removal. You can rub your hair quickly, but they grow as fast and often cause itching and poor growth. Waxes snatch your hair away and cause both irritation and Folliculitis to the protective lipid layer. Depilatory creams have been known to cause post-dermatitis and pigmentation. Often people associate laser hair removal (LHR) as a painful procedure to burn a hole in their pockets. These and a few more myths have led us to clear the air of certain wrong beliefs about LHR and why LHR should be your smooth and hairless skin procedure.

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It Is Not Safe: FALSE

The safety of laser hair removal depends on the laser system used. Hair removal systems that are safe to use are recommended and approved by the FDA. The use of an FDA-certified system to avoid problems during and after laser hair removal is always recommended by certified dermatologists.

It Exposes Skin to Radiation: FALSE

While light radiation is used for the laser, FDA approved devices use the non-ionizing type, so it doesn't expose the patient to harmful radiation.

Hair Will Grow Back Thicker: FALSE

Laser hair removal does not densify the hair. Indeed, every treatment should decrease hair growth by between 10% and 25%.

Treatment Will Cause Sunburn: FALSE

A burning effect is extremely rare, because of how it works. The laser energizes pigment to kill hair follicles but doesn't do what the sun does to cause sunburn. Discuss it with your laser hair removal specialists in OKC and some pre- and post-treatment care options will be provided for you.

It's Painful: FALSE

In some patients, laser hair removal treatments are uncomfortable. Some have that uncomfortable feeling, but not pain. Moreover, some very pain-sensitive people can feel more uncomfortable. Most patients report a lot less painful than waxinG hair removal.

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It Is Only for Women

Previously, removal of hair was strictly feminine. It's not so. More men are choosing to remove laser hair to make their hair finer and lighter. Beard, chest, neck, back, arms and so on are favorite sites in men for LHR.

It Is Expensive

Waxing costs less per session but costs more over the long-term than laser hair removal, which can actually provide permanent results. The overall investment is much less with lasers, compared to the cost of temporary procedures, such as waxing.

It was hard to find an affordable OKC laser hair removal center a few years ago. They are now much more common and always aim to provide better service. At Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa, you can get experienced professionals in OKC for laser hair removal. Book your appointment now.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.