Types Non-surgical Fat Removal Treatments

You just had a few decisions if you wanted to lose weight a few years ago. Fat loss by non-surgical fat removal operation can now be achieved. Or go to locations difficult to achieve, like your chin, during or after your lunch break.

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CoolSculpting is a medical operation that helps remove surplus fatty cells under your skin and is also called cryolipolysis. Although CoolSculpting in Oklahoma City has several advantages, when you consider this operation, it is essential to be conscious of the hazards.

A plastic surgeon or other certified practitioner utilizes a unique device during a CoolSculpting operation to refresh certain components of your body until you freeze. The operation freezes fat cells in the body that you treat. These dead fat cells are broken down within a few days of therapy and flushed through your liver out of the body.

CoolSculpting has been approved as a secure medical therapy by the US Food and Drug Administration. CoolSculpting has many advantages compared to traditional fat. It is non-chirurgical, non-invasive and does not require retrieval time. And fat cells can be reduced by up to 20 to 25% in a specified therapy region.


Kybella is a method of nonsurgery for injecting under the chin. A range is used to target the fatty cells in this region with deoxycholic acid injections. There is no need for incision and in most instances, downtime is minimal.

The best candidate is 18 years old or older who has mild to serious fat. If you have or plan to conduct facial surgery, are in difficulties swallowing, are pregnant, an infection or a medical condition in or near the intended injection site, you may not be a good candidate.


One of the most innovative medicines available for skin tightening and non-surgical fat removal is the Thermi250. The operation is effected by inserting a mild heat test under the epidermis of the patient. Thermi250 is an authorized, secure technique to reduce abdominal, flesh and thigh cellulite. The Thermi250 allows the fatty tissue to explode, which reduces the fat in therapy fields, unlike chemical therapy.

The Thermi250 method starts with a close examination of the patient and can thoroughly analyze the impacted areas of the body. There may be several treatments if there are significant cellulite build-up and excess fatty tissue. The patient will be injected with an anesthetics specially intended for the skin and tissue in several regions to start the process of therapy. This anesthetic reduces the emotions of pain or discomfort. Then the thermi-sample is placed right below the skin of the patient. In some cases, heating up of several layers of the inside skin and the upper layer of fat may be included. The outcome is more elastic and tighter skin.

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