Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal – Which Wins?

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Body hair is something that so many people want to be free from completely. Over the decades we have seen people drawn to various treatments which lead to long-term results with hair removal, but only waxing was available until the last decade. Waxing is undoubtedly good for people who are looking for long-term results. This article is focused on the fact that laser hair removal is often a better way to find results. Let's unfold the reasons.

Results for a Longer Time

Waxing is one treatment that shows long-term effects, but how long? Most results are expected to last between four to six weeks on average; indeed that is far longer than your usual shave, but is it worth it? On average, you will spend approximately 60 dollars a wax, not your tip included. When you pay it every few months, you spent a lot.

Laser hair removal provides more lasting results and smooth skin. This is a fantastic option that can save a lot of money if you want results that can last for a lifetime. This laser hair removal in OKC is readily available, but you should look for a good place.

No Grow

If you are familiar with the waxing process, you probably know the process of your hair growth until the next waxing session. Your hair will be at a good length so that wax can grip it at each session to make the ripping out process easier and to remove follicles. This means after each session hair will regrow even if you do not want it. With laser hair removal in OKC, you do not need to think about hair growth. Such treatment uses lasers to attack hair follicles and remove them permanently. This treatment stops hair growth on the skin and is an excellent choice for darker hair colored and lighter skin toned people.

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Why Laser Hair Removal

Why is laser hair removal a better choice than waxing? Waxing is painful and for people who are looking or an easier process, laser hair removal is for them. Nonetheless, laser hair removal is not always a painless process still it is gentler than waxing and needs less time. The device for laser hair removal will contact the area you want to remove hair. This treatment is quicker as it directly targets follicles.

Finally, it is your call, which one you want. Both treatments like waxing and laser hair removal are available in OKC with their pros and cons. Come to Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa for laser hair removal if you’re sick of waxing and shaving.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.