What Is The Concept Of Laser Hair Removal?

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For people who really do not feel good about their unwanted body hair or hormonal issues that make them produce a lot of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is the next step. There are plenty of reasons that can lead to unwanted body hair. Since puberty, men and women both get body hair growth. For girls and boys, areas are different for hair growth. For men, it is quite natural to have hair grow on the chest, legs and hands. Facial hair growth, later on, turns into a beard. But for women, hair growth in such areas to an excessive amount is a matter of concern. Human skin has hairs, but the volume of this hair depends on a person’s gender. In men excessive hair growth on the back or arms may not look good. In women a fine volume is normal. But thick and voluminous hair growth on hands, legs, back, abdomen and chest or face is not normal.

Reasons for such growth in women include; polycystic ovary syndrome, tumors, Cushing’s syndrome, certain medications. For external beauty, when you live in Oklahoma City, you can opt for laser hair removal. Though you cannot ignore the root cause of this growth, you can cure the symptoms.

Most people are confused and do not know if laser hair removal is permanent or not. Yes, it is long lasting and gives amazing results reducing body hairs. It can effectively reduce hair from a body part within a short time and gives results that can last for years. Not to mention, this treatment is far more effective than shaving or waxing. This removal depends on multiple factors such as age, genetics, skin color, medical issues etc. Whatever it is, you can come for laser hair removal in OKC and get the best results.

Reduction Is Permanent

Though this treatment gives amazing results for a long time, it still needs regular maintenance. Within a short period after treatment, you can expect outstanding results as it reduces 80% - 90% of unwanted body hair. The number of sessions needed depend on a few factors, such as volume, thickness, body part etc.

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What to Expect

Whether this treatment will live up to your expectations or not completely depends on your reality. It will change your life but you need to set a realistic goal. It will boost your confidence that was under wraps for many years due to sightly body hair.

How Does It Work?

Different people have different types of hair growth and your treatment will not always be the same as your friends. You most of the time need about four to six sessions, however, sometimes this can go up to 12. If there are medical issues like polycystic ovaries, you first have to treat that, otherwise hair can recur within a shorter time than expected and you have to rush for more laser hair removal in OKC. Until you remove the underlying factors, it is not possible to have great laser hair removal or get great results.

Without having any critical underlying issues, you can get long lasting results. For your consultation of laser hair removal in OKC, you should come to Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa. For any further queries, feel free to contact us on our web page or give us a call.

* * Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.