Where You Can Use Dermal Filler in Your Face?

You will be aware of the fact that dermal fillers in OKC are used for bringing volumes back into areas of the face that have lost volume during aging. There is much to learn about fillers, do you know about Juvederm? And what about the knowledge of your tear trough and marionette lines?

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Where to Use Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers have a large variety of applications from evident to not so apparent. We suggest that when you have patients interested in a dermal filler, you should have them consult their skin before receiving the treatment. This allows learning more about the history of the patient and the look they hope to achieve.

The Elevens

The Elevens formally refer to lines and holes between the brows as the "Glabella Region." They're called "Elevens" because they look like the number and can make people look angry. These wrinkles are caused by facial expressions like frowning, sleeping and sun damage. Because of genetics, some people may suffer very deep plumps at an earlier age. The treatment in this area is excellent by Botox. The filler multi-task plumps up the area and prevents the muscles from contracting.

Tear Troughs

Aging leads us to lose fat, especially the areas of the "tear trough" that are under our eyes. This makes our eyes look deep, lowered and hollow, causing them to form under eye cycles. Dermal filler is the ideal way for this area to be filled, to reduce baggage and even decrease the appearance of dark circles. For the region of the tear trough, many customers chose Juvederm and Restylane, forms of dermal fillers in OKC.


The cheeks are another very popular area for customers who want to use dermal fillers. Due to fat loss and aging, our cheeks can flatten over time and appear hollow. Dermal fillers replace the area's volume and plump up the area that can develop into a nasojugal groove. Injectables could also provide a definition to increase the sculpture and prominence of cheekbones. Restylane, Juvederm, are all popular options in the mid-face and cheek area for adding fullness.

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds run from each nose side to mouth corners commonly known as the smile or laugh lines. If you are distressed by your nasolabial folds and ask what you can do to improve the area, a filler is perfect for filling those areas and the face will look much younger, in combination with cheek filler.

Mouth Corners

The corners of your mouth can sometimes drop and leave you unhappy. Dermal filler can be placed directly at the edges of the lips below the edges of the mouth with a small amount.

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A favorite celebrity and probably the best-known filler application. The lips can be injected into the lip to boost its fullness or to increase the definition at the end of the lip. The dermal filler is used. This is the ideal treatment to correct thin lips, but it can also help to resolve problems with a downward smile and an extended mouth.

Smoker’s Lines

These are the vertical lines over the lip when you pout. They are mainly caused by the regular movement of the lips but are also known as "smoking lines." If your lines are sufficiently deep, they can be drastically reduced to achieve a smoother appearance with a small amount of injectable filler.


Did you hear about the nose work for lunchtime? Dermal fillers are now available to correct any bumps in your nose without having to deal with surgical inactivity. Fillers are injected into the nose to smooth slight bows in the nose bridge or rectify a crumbled nose line (particularly in view of the profile) and even nose bumps in less than 15 minutes! For those who practice dermal refilling for a while, this is another advanced course.

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** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.