Why Facelift Treatment Emphasizes on Time

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People are now well aware of the facial rejuvenation surgeries. Not only for removing any kind of scars from your face but also it is useful for several purposes. In one word, the surgery is there to cut the imperfection and make your look flawless, despite your age.

With gradual aging or after a drastic weight loss, often the face muscles get loosened and ruin your appearance. The loosened muscles often change the shape of the face and it is not at all acceptable. There are plenty of medicines and injectable for face lifting, but often those make undesired changes. This is the reason why people of OKC prefer facelift surgeries than other alternatives.

The experts say that the timing plays a crucial part in the facelift surgery. The result mostly depends on the perfect timing and only the professional cosmetic surgery specialist can tell you about the right timing.

There is no certain age appropriate for the facelift surgery as the experts in OKC states that whenever you feel the laxity of your face, be cautious. The early laxity is first noticed when the head is tilted down and even when you press the skin of the jawline or cheek. It should be corrected before it turns into obvious laxity. The obvious laxity is really difficult to be fixed. Within the age of 45 to 50 the rapid aging is noticed in women. Some cases are more distressful. In a short period of six months or so, a drastic change in aging can occur and can make you a lot more aged than your actual age. This generally happens after several years of latent laxity. And it is like your grey hair, there is no way of going back. If the facelift is processed at the right time, these problems can be avoided.

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The transition of latent to obvious laxity is accelerated by the illness, excessive stress, abrupt weight loss and many others. The weight control should also be processed under experts’ surveillance. Otherwise, any drastic change can accelerate laxity.

Experts of OKC states that the facelift result is determined by the two factors:

  1. Correct timing

  2. Correct surgery.

The right process incorporates tightening of the skin with an internal support structure of the face. This slows down the aging and delays the obvious laxity for a long time.

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