Why Is Nonsurgical Fat Removal a Better Option?

In many cosmetic surgery patients, dietary and exercise-resistant fat in the unwanted areas, are a common concern. Whether the fat around the thighs that will not budge or bulges along flanks and back, localized fat is difficult to permanently get rid of, in the shape of an ongoing stomach "pooch," especially after pregnancy.

More than 150,000 people every year, but not just women, get a nonsurgical fat removal. Of the fat reduction patients, almost 30,000 are men. A less invasive solution for "regular" liposuction is non - surgical fat reduction, but does it work?

Comparison with Liposuction

Though some call it "non-surgical" liposuction, it is non-surgical fat reduction. Traditional liposuction is an operation with small incisions in the fatty area where a tube is inserted. The fat is then removed and thereby the fat cells are permanently reduced. Since liposuction is an operation, swelling, pain and the risk of infection are common.

Nonsurgical fat removal can be one of the numbers of techniques used to "destroy" the fat cells that are removed from the body with a laser, heat, cooling or sound waves. As opposed to surgical liposuction, nonsurgical methods typically have little or no recovery time. Multiple treatments may be necessary to be fully effective.

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Variants of Non-surgical Fat Removal

The plastic surgeon's clinic uses one of several proprietary procedures to achieve nonsurgical fat removal. Each type of treatment including Cool Sculpting can be assisted with other therapies. Each type destroys the fat cell membranes, which may seem to "melt away" the fat over time.

Learn why your way towards a healthier, happier life is to consider a fat reduction treatment.

Harmless It Is

Most surgical procedures will destroy fat cells but develop fluid buildup or cause irregularities or other side-effects. There is a distinction between good and bad fat. Good fat is lean fat, which regulates and generates hormones in our metabolic system. It leaves the lean fat cells intact with our non-surgical fat removal treatment. The results are those that do not have any harmful side effects for a lifetime.


If you’re worried you’ll leave the office covered in contusions, there's no need to worry. We do not need any needles or tubes to treat you, as you know. Our methods will not burn or discolor your skin.


Don't worry if you're even afraid of the sight of needles. As we use Cool Sculpting, our treatment is not invasive. This method is completely FDA-approved for body contouring.


You are restricted from everyday activities and need bed rest for weeks with other invasive procedures. You have a job to do, payments and a family with which to spend time. Therefore, we understand that, by the time you end your session, our treatment will leave you ready to get back to living. You are free to continue your lifestyle and not to restrict your activities.

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Better Skin

Other procedures may leave you with unwanted stretch marks or saggy skin because of a large fat loss. The nonsurgical fat removal laser treatment on the other hand enables the skin to adjust to weight loss. With the use of radio frequency energy in Thermi250, a means of non-surgical fat removal we use, the skin tightens as it operates. You can even go out with a healthier skin than before. This makes your skin softer.

An important decision is to consider a fat reduction treatment. Our painless, non-invasive therapy makes you feel and look your best. It will not only make you feel better, but also your health. It's time for you to take care of yourself. Is your life ready to change? Contact us at Longevity Aesthetic Spa and Laser for experts in nonsurgical fat removal treatment to get the best guidance.

** Disclaimer: This content should not be considered medical advice and does not imply a doctor-patient relationship.