5 Benefits of Botox in OKC

For the past few decades, BOTOX® has been found to be effective for a number of medical issues. Of course, it is mainly known in OKC as an anti-wrinkle treatment. BOTOX® works by blocking the communication from the nerves to the muscle. The injected muscle does not contract to make wrinkles soften and become less apparent. This relaxing of the muscles can be helpful for both a variety of different cosmetic purposes. Some of the many benefits of this treatment include:

1. Non-surgical wrinkle correction – A drooping brow can cause patients to look tired or unhappy even when they are feeling energetic and happy. BOTOX® injections have shown to be effective in relaxing the brow muscles, allowing the forehead skin to smooth out and look younger overall.

2. No recovery time – One of the main benefits of BOTOX® at our office in OKC is the fact that virtually no recovery time is required. Patients can come to our office, receive the injections, and then go back to most all of their normal activities.

3. Convenient treatments – On that note, BOTOX® treatments are simple and hassle-free. They are convenient, even for people in OKC with busy schedules and lifestyles.

4. Natural-looking results – More people than you might have initial realized are receiving BOTOX® injections. You may even have some friends or family members who have gotten BOTOX®, but you won’t never know because the results look so natural. Of course, you’ve probably noticed that they look younger and more refreshed, but they don’t look “worked-on”.

5. Addresses a number of issues – Whether you are dealing with forehead lines, crow’s feet, or the vertical lines in between the eyebrows, BOTOX® could work for you!

When you have a consultation with our specialist at Longevity in Oklahoma City, you can learn about more amazing benefits of BOTOX® injections and if you are a good candidate. You will learn about realistic expectations so you will be happy with the results. Everyone has to deal with the signs of aging such as wrinkles and drooping forehead skin, but, fortunately, thanks to BOTOX®, the wrinkles can be greatly reduced without resorting to plastic surgery. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in OKC!

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