5 Reasons to Try CoolSculpting at Longevity

Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa prides itself on providing its clients with an experience that is different from what they will find at other spas. Located in Oklahoma City, Longevity is a wellness facility that is owned and operated by physicians. There are various reasons why you can benefit from having the CoolSculpting® procedure performed at Longevity.

Reason 1: A Singular Purpose

CoolSculpting® is a procedure that is designed to sculpt your body by helping you to remove unwanted and stubborn fat deposits. These fat deposits are usually found on your thighs, on your buttocks and on your midsection.

Our medical professionals backing the CoolSculpting® procedure provided at Longevity have a singular purpose when providing this or other services. Their goal is to address your wellness holistically. So, they are going to not only perform the CoolSculpting® procedure, but they’re also going to work with you to help you maintain and the results you get from the procedure for the long haul.

Reason 2: A Diverse Background

When you have the CoolSculpting® procedure performed, it’s because you want to look your best. It’s likely that body contouring is just one of many changes you would like to make to your appearance. Since Longevity is staffed by a team with diverse talents and backgrounds, they are going to be able to help you make CoolSculpting® a part of a composite aesthetic improvement treatment with the goal of helping you to look your best.

Reason 3: Comfortable Environment

The CoolSculpting® procedure can take up to one hour. Cold, suction and massage are used to freeze and eventually destroy the unwanted deposits of fat you have in the treated area. During the procedure, you will be able to read your book, play a game on your electronic device, listen to a podcast or watch a movie. Longevity is a comfortable and beautiful environment for you to relax in while this innovative procedure is being performed.

Reason 4: Advanced Training

This spa is operated and owned by physicians. They value education and training, and so you know that the CoolSculpting® treatments you receive are performed by experienced medical professionals and technicians who really know what they are doing. We are proud of the fact that it is performed only using advanced technology. This means that when you have the CoolSculpting® procedure performed at our office, you are going to end up with the optimum results.

Reason 5: A Positive Work Culture

Longevity has developed a positive work culture where the team is encouraged to thrive and to find their place within the work environment. Ongoing training and ongoing learning are essential to the success of this spa.

As a result, when you visit this spa for your CoolSculpting® procedure, you know that you are being treated by professionals who are dedicated to their work, who are happy with what they are doing and who want to make the business succeed by providing you with the best care possible.

Longevity is conveniently located in Oklahoma City. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation!

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