CoolSculpting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Our society equates attractiveness with being thin, fit, and in good shape. For this reason, you see millions of people throughout the country doing whatever they can to meet this ideal. They tirelessly work out and exercise with the goal of achieving that thin, firm appearance that society deems attractive. It can be very disappointing when these individuals look at themselves in the mirror and realize that regardless of how hard they try, their body is not allowing them to lose fat in key areas, especially around their midsection. Some individuals must rely on body sculpting techniques in order to get the appearance that they desire. CoolSculpting® is one of the more popular non-surgical procedures that has allowed individuals to achieve their fat loss goals.

CoolSculpting® works by treating localized bulges of fat. This could be the fat around your waist, your thighs, your flanks, or your buttocks. During the procedure, a uniquely designed applicator is placed on the area that is being treated. The device applies controlled cooling to the area that is being treated.

The reason why CoolSculpting® works is because the fat in your body is more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of your body tissue. So, the controlled cooling provided by CoolSculpting® can actually kill the fat cells in the treated area without affecting other tissues, like your nerves, your blood vessels, or your skin.

As the fat tissues in the treated area are exposed to the controlled cooling, they start to break down and die. When they die, these fat cells are absorbed by your body and are removed through the natural waste removal process. It only stands to reason that with fewer fat cells, you will have less fat in the treated areas.

It’s important to understand that CoolSculpting® is not designed to be a weight loss procedure. If you have a lot of weight that you need to lose, you may want to look into our medical weight loss programs first. CoolSculpting® is designed to help you address the pockets of fat you have even though you are close to or at your healthy BMI.

CoolSculpting® is a powerful tool that allows individuals who are plagued by bulges of fat to find the relief that they need without undergoing invasive surgical procedures. Make an appointment with us at Longevity in Oklahoma City to see if you qualify for non-surgical fat reduction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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