Get Effortlessly Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

You have always taken your looks seriously. You work out to stay trim and fit. You use hydrating lotions and creams to keep your skin looking youthful. Yet there is one area of your personal care regimen that still crimps your style. You have been plagued with an excessive amount of unwanted hair growth. When you shave and wax, this strips your skin of the unwanted hair, but it often leaves your skin feeling not as smooth and silky as you would like. In fact, it often appears to leave the area of skin where hair removal has occurred roughed up a bit. Fortunately, laser hair removal could help you to get smooth, hair-free skin.

The Downsides of Shaving

To truly understand why laser hair removal makes it easier than shaving to aid you in getting effortlessly smooth skin, it helps to consider some of the procedural differences between the two methods of hair removal. Shaving hair off of the skin is an abrasive process. Even if you use specialized soaps or shaving creams to coat the hair and skin while shaving, you are still scraping a blade across the skin in an attempt to get as much hair and remaining stubble off your skin as possible. If you do not scrape the blade across your skin, stubble will leave your skin rough and scratchy. So, there is really no way to avoid allowing friction from stripping cells and oil off the area of skin being shaved.

If this were not bad enough, shaving can leave bumps, nicks, and cuts that scab over as they heal. These blemishes again keep the skin less than flawlessly smooth. When you shave on a regular basis, you are putting your skin through this kind of abuse over and over again.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, targets the hair follicles in the skin. There is no blade to scrape across the surface of your skin. Photons do damage to the hair follicles to impair their ability to regrow hair; however, your skin is left in a silky smooth state every time.

Getting Started

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