Halo Fractional Treatments for Laser Skin Rejuvenation in Oklahoma City

When you are in your younger years, it may be possible for you to rejuvenate your skin with a simple facial. Getting rid of those top layers of skin with professional exfoliation treatments and then using a mask and the other treatments available with the facial was likely all that was needed to refresh your skin. Unfortunately, this is not something that is quite as easy to do as you get older. There are so many different things that work against you that can affect the appearance of your skin, especially on your face. If you want to revitalize your, we invite you to learn about Halo fractional treatments. If you live in the Oklahoma City area, we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you for laser skin rejuvenation.

The Halo fractional laser skin rejuvenation treatment is great for individuals who would like to receive the benefits that come from ablative fractional laser treatments without the recovery time. With this treatment, you get the benefits of non-ablative and ablative laser treatments to rejuvenate your skin while experiencing less downtime and faster results.

One of the things that you are going to notice is that your skin will almost seem to glow after your Halo treatment. This is a perfect treatment for individuals who have fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin texture, large pores, and pigmentation issues. The recovery time after the treatment is relatively easy. About four to five days after the treatment you will notice that your skin glows and looks a lot healthier. Issues that you were dealing with before will not be as noticeable.

Many of our clients need to have at least three or four treatments to get the best results from laser skin rejuvenation. These are usually scheduled about a month or so apart to get the best results. You can expect your Halo treatment to last for about an hour.

You do not just have to deal with skin issues that are making you self-conscious. There are a wide variety of treatments that are available to help you deal with specific issues and to rejuvenate your overall appearance. The Halo treatment is one of the most effective methods because it gets to the root of a lot of the issues that you are facing as you get older. Sun damaged areas, fine lines and wrinkles, and pigmentation issues are addressed with this treatment.

You can maintain healthy and youthful looking skin with Halo laser skin rejuvenation. We invite Oklahoma City residents to contact us today at Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spato schedule your consultation. We will help you begin the journey to glowing, healthy skin.

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