Laser Hair Removal in Oklahoma City: What are the Benefits?

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is a chore that may take hours of your precious time every week. If you shave, you need to do it every day to maintain smooth skin. If you wax, it can be messy if you do it at home or become expensive if you regularly go to a salon. Waxing can only be effective if you wait for the hair to grow out, so you spend half your time with hair you don’t want. Laser hair removal at our office in Oklahoma City may be the answer to your problem.

During this treatment, the laser is focused on the follicle of the hair. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the light as heat energy and becomes destroyed. In most cases, the follicle cannot grow hair again. Laser hair removal is only effective during the growth stage of hair, so it will take a series of treatment sessions to get the smooth skin you desire. However, the treatments are convenient and the results are long-lasting.

If some hair starts to grow back, it will be from a damaged follicle and be weak and pale. You can have a touch-up treatment at our office in Oklahoma City at any time. You don’t have to wait for any hair to grow back. As one of the most common cosmetic procedures done in the U.S., laser hair removal is safe and effective.

Laser hair removal is suitable for almost any part of the body. You can remove hair from your:

• Chin
• Upper lip
• Neck
• Arms
• Underarms
• Legs
• Back
• Chest
• Bikini line

Some of the main benefits of laser hair removal are:

• It saves you money in the long-run because you can stop purchasing creams, razors, shaving cream or soap, wax and salon waxing.
• It lasts for a very long time and you are beach-ready at any time without worrying if you shaved recently.
• You will no longer have the pain of ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts from shaving.
• It saves hours each week that you may need.
• You can have a touch-up treatment performed at any time. You do not need to wait until the hair grows out as you do with waxing and other methods of hair removal.

When you meet our specialist at Longevity in Oklahoma City, you can learn more about laser hair removal. If it is the solution for your unwanted body hair, you can move forward with treatment. Laser hair removal will simplify your life if you spend too much time and money trying to keep unwanted body hair at bay. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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