Latisse | Everything You Need to Know

Your eyelashes will look thinner and shorter as you get older. However, you shouldn’t fret about this because there are treatments available that can give them a darker, longer and fuller look.
You can apply Latisse, a prescription ointment for eyelashes, for 3 to 4 months. The ointment can help to boost the growth of your lashes.

How Does It Work?

Latisse contains bimatoprost, a chemical that was initially used to treat glaucoma. As a side effect, eye drops containing bimatoprost enhanced the growth of patients’ lashes. Medical researchers tested the chemical and confirmed that people could use it safely to make their eyelashes fuller.

When Should You Apply Latisse?

Most users prefer to apply the ointment at night. You can apply it in the morning as long as you do it right. Before using it, wipe off your eye makeup -including mascara.

How Frequent Should You Apply It?

Apply Latisse on your lashes once daily. Use a thin eyeliner brush to paint it on your lash line. Be sure to wash the brush after use.

Can I Use it Under Makeup?

Yes. But you’ve got to ensure that the Latisse dries completely before wearing makeup.

Can I Use It on My Eyebrows?

Yes, it will boost hair growth in your brows.

Can it Change My Eye Color?

Some reports show that Latisse helps in changing the eye color of users. This information, however, is misleading. When medical researchers were testing bimatoprost for its ability to promote lash growth, only a few patients experienced a darkening of the iris.

Since you won’t be applying the ointment in your eyes, it will not affect your eye color.

Can I Stop Using It After Experiencing Positive Results?

Instead of using this cosmetic product every day, it’s recommended that you switch it up with other day-to-day applications. You can minimize its use if you feel that your eyelashes are starting to look great.

Can I Use Latisse If I Wear Contacts?

The FDA advises contact lens users to use this ointment carefully. Lenses can become discolored if they absorb the solution. Remove your contacts before applying the ointment and wait at least 15 minutes before wearing them back.

Can I Use it to Grow the Hair on My Head?

Some people apply Latisse on their hairline, but there’s no proof that this helps make their hair look darker and thicker. Just stick to using it on the lash line.

The Benefits

Latisse has minimal risks of side effects and plenty of benefits for your eyelash growth. If you use it in the right way, you will improve your eyelash appearance within a few months.

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