Lip Injections via Dermal Fillers

Individuals often experience a thinning of the lips during the mature adult years. Fat deposits beneath the lip skin often lose volume, and less moisture is retained in the supportive tissues that lie beneath the skin. Plumping procedures include implants and even surgery. A popular alternative to surgical corrections is lip injections via dermal fillers. This type of lip augmentation involves the injection of certain substances into the lips. If you have thin lips that no longer show the natural curves and swoops they did when you were younger, or if you have always had naturally thin lips, consider lip injections with fillers at Longevity.

What Lip Augmentation Does

When the lips are plumped with a moisture-attracting agent, they fill out once more. However, the amount of plumping differs from one individual to another. Lip injections are a great choice for those who want to restore their lips to a more youthful appearance. They are also great for people who have never had full lips and want to pump up the volume. Our skilled specialist can accurately determine how much of the dermal filler solution should be injected into the area in order to achieve natural-looking results. During the actual treatment, the dermal filler is skillfully injected into the lips and maybe even the area around the lips, depending on the situation.

Following the Treatment Session

One of the great things about lip injections is that virtually no downtime is involved. Patients are free to resume most of their normal activities immediately following their treatment session. The results are temporary, but they are long-lasting. The good news is that you can simply return to our office for touch-up treatments to maintain your results. With that being said, it’s important to have realistic outcome expectations prior to choosing this type of cosmetic lip augmentation.

Find Out More Information About Lip Injections

If you’re unhappy with your thin lips but are wary of surgery with implants, consider dermal fillers for safe and effective lip augmentation. Make an appointment at Longevity to learn more about your options and how dermal fillers can be used to plump your lips. Our team would be happy to address whatever questions or concerns you may have as they determine if this procedure is right for you.

Longevity is located in Oklahoma City and happily serves clients in the Norman, Moore, Edmond, El Reno, Mustang and surrounding areas. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation for lip injections via dermal fillers.

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