The Various Benefits of Dermaplaning

When you look for non-invasive ways to care for your skin, you are often times presented with a long list of possibilities. You may find yourself considering the benefits, possibilities, and differences between microdermabrasion and facials, or between chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. While each one certainly has its benefits, a different treatment that we believe can really benefit you is dermaplaning. In fact, we believe that it may just turn out to be your skin’s best friend.

Professional dermaplaning uses a device that is brushed at just the right angle over your face to get rid of dry skin cells that are sitting on the surface of your skin and eliminate the tiny hairs that keep your skin from looking smooth. The effects are fresh, glowing skin, and a smooth face. You can now experience the same thing with monthly treatments. 

Exfoliates Your Skin

By sliding the device across your facial skin, we can remove the topmost layer of skin cells that are dead and that are causing your face to look dry, dull, and aged.

Gets Rid of Facial Hair

As the device runs across your face, the tiny hairs known as vellus hair, or more lovingly called peach fuzz, are quickly removed. Not only does this smooth your skin, and make it easier to apply makeup, but it can also reduce the presence of acne as fewer bacteria and pollutants are able to attach themselves to the skin.

Lets Your Topical Treatments Work Better

Once dead skin cells are removed, the living, vibrant skin cells that had been hiding beneath the surface are revealed. When you use anti-aging skin care products now, they have a better chance of being absorbed by your skin and are able to work more effectively.

Anti-Aging Routine

Many women swear by the anti-aging benefits of dermaplaning. Many of our clients have found that it decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and keeps their faces looking bright and youthful.

Quick and Convenient

Dermaplaning only needs to be done about once per month for ensuring the best ideal results. A single treatment takes only a few minutes, and any redness is temporary. You can immediately get back to the other tasks on your to-do list.

Can Be Combined

We have found that dermaplaning combines well with other anti-aging treatments, such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, and peels, and may also help with hyperpigmentation and scars.

If you feel your skin could benefit from the rejuvenation benefits of dermaplaning, reach out to our office at Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa located in Oklahoma City. One of our professional specialists would be more than happy to assist you in exploring the many benefits of dermaplaning. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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