Treat Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX

Throughout every stage of the normal aging process, different cosmetic procedures can be used to address the age-specific problems that arise. The earliest signs of aging may be quickly resolved with diligent skin care, good hydration, and surface treatments that cause nominal amounts of skin damage to incite the natural healing process. At some point in time, however, these treatments will not be sufficient for addressing fine lines and wrinkles at the mouth, brow and eyes. That’s because these wrinkles are known as dynamic wrinkles and they’re the result of growing tension within the expressive muscles. When these develop, BOTOX® can be injected into certain muscles to instantly relax these facial creases away.

How BOTOX® is Used to Treat Dynamic Wrinkles

Unlike invasive surgeries, BOTOX® does not involve incisions and actual tightening of the skin. That’s because dynamic wrinkles are not indicative of loose skin. Instead, when you use your facial muscles to smile, laugh, frown and make other common facial expressions, these muscles start to develop and hold tension. Over time, this tension begins to manifest at the surface of the skin in the form of noticeable wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are especially visible whenever the expressive facial muscles are engaged. As such, dynamic wrinkles are largely the result of facial movement.

BOTOX® releases these wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that control facial movement. Given that our provider will only be injecting a very small amount of the solution into each area of concern, however, you’ll still be able to make all of your natural-looking facial expressions, even as your dynamic wrinkles are effectively relaxed away.

Why Choose BOTOX® Over an Invasive Facelift Surgery?

BOTOX® is by far one of the best solutions for dynamic wrinkles. Pulling and tightening the skin is an extreme measure for addressing these earlier signs of aging. BOTOX® treatments typically takes only minutes to complete, and they don’t entail any considerable amount of downtime. In fact, for many people, the injections do not entail any downtime at all.

Treating Your Dynamic Wrinkles

These treatments are short and easy enough to have performed around your other activities. The results last for months at a time, and you can simply return to our office for follow-up treatments as necessary to maintain your refreshed, younger appearance.

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