Treat Thinning Hair and Balding with Hair Restoration Treatments in OKC

Your hair is getting thinner on top. It is a problem that many men your age have had the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with as they age. As the time passes, your hair slowly gets thinner and thinner. You do not even look good when you grow your hair out anymore, because it is so thin. These days you keep your hair short to make your thinning look less noticeable. You even cover up with a hat to hide your hair situation even more. But, what you would really like is to regain lost ground. You want to restore the hair you have lost, and you might be able to get some of it back if you make the right decisions. If this sounds like you, hair restoration treatments in OKC may be the solution for you.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatments

Neograft hair restoration is a popular a noninvasive approach to regrowing and restoring hair in the bald areas of your scalp. This technique is minimally-invasive, meaning there will less downtime than other, more invasive procedures. This method of hair restoration collects, harvests, and implants individual hair follicle grafts. It can add these follicles to most areas on the head, leaving you with the chance at a full head of hair.

Hair Transplant

When it comes to a serious approach to getting the hair to regrow on the top of your scalp, many men turn to follicular unit transplantation. Follicular units can be extracted from the back and sides of the head, and these more permanent types of follicles, with the hair intact, can be moved to the top of the head. This in-office treatment has a good rate of success when it comes to ensuring more hair growth in the regions where your hair is thinning or balding. Initially, the hair attached to the transplanted follicular grafts will fall out, but the follicles will eventually start regrowing new hair at a decent rate. Before you know it, you will have a fuller looking head of hair. That means that you will not have to wear that hat all the time anymore either. That is good news because you like allowing your scalp the opportunity to breathe a little more.

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