What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is an exciting weight loss plan that uses a combination of reduced calories and hormone injections in order to help you lose weight more effectively. It’s especially beneficial for anyone who has to lose an extreme amount of weight and needs to see progress to stay motivated. This a promising alternative for anyone who has struggled to lose weight over the years. All too often, people are victims of yo-yo dieting as their weight goes down only to come back up again. In the worst case scenario, that number on the scale continues to climb with no end in sight. If you are tired of fighting the battle of the bulge and want to find a weight loss program that will work for you, consider the HCG diet.

How Does the HCG Diet Plan Work?

HCG injections are at the heart of the HCG diet. HCG, otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is natural to the human body. It is produced by expectant mothers to help their babies develop during pregnancy. It is also at the root of morning sickness. When used as part of the HCG diet, it acts as an appetite suppressant. HCG injections are so effective in curbing your appetite that you won’t have a problem cutting back your calories. Your calorie intake could be as low as 500 calories a day or as high as 1500 depending on the plan we develop for you. Your amount of calories will be calculated by our physician after your consultation. In addition to curbing your appetite, HCG injections help regulate other hormones in your body, bringing them into balance. You’ll burn off fat at a respectable rate while you maintain your muscle mass. Most importantly of all, you will see results in a short amount of time. Watching that weight come off can make a world of difference in your diet plan.

A Combination Approach Works Best with the HCG Diet

When you choose the HCG diet, you’ll benefit from a combination approach. Reduced calories, HCG injections and the supervision of our doctor can all ensure that you are finally on the right track to effective weight loss. You will learn about permanent changes you can make in your lifestyle to take the weight off and keep it off. Add exercise, plenty of sleep and healthy food to see the best results you have ever experienced. Think of the HCG diet as the way to kick start the next chapter in your life.

Ask Our Physician About the HCG Diet Today

If you need to lose weight and you are tired of the struggle, you can make your life easier. Make an appointment with Longevity to talk to our doctor about the HCG diet. You can get rid of those unwanted pounds once and for all. Our doctor can develop a personalized plan just for you. When you work with us, your weight loss goals will become a reality. With two convenient locations in Oklahoma City, we are dedicated to helping patients in the area achieve their aesthetic goals. To learn more about the benefits of the HCG diet, schedule your consultation with us today.

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