What You Need To Know About Dermaplanning

Your face is not only how you represent yourself to the world; it reflects health, wellness, and longevity. On top of all of that, your face is uniquely you and most of us want to present and be the best version of ourselves to the world we can. That’s where dermaplaning comes in. This technique does not radically change your appearance, but brings out the beauty you always possessed which may have been hidden by wear and tear and other skin conditions. The team at Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa in Oklahoma City, OK understands that there is beauty in all of our faces and they want to help you reveal it.

What Is Dermaplaning And Why Do I Need It?

For many of you considering dermaplaning, the first questions will probably be what it is it and why do I need it? Dermaplaning is a technique for removing dead skin (and microhair) by using a surgical scalpel, allowing new, healthier skin to bloom in its place. The technique can be performed by a doctor or aesthetician and is a high-powered exfoliation treatment. Dermaplaning is done gently and does not come with the cost and recovery time associated with other skin treatments.

Every person has to weigh whether a treatment is right for them, but for anyone looking for a brighter, more engaging face, dermaplaning is an ideal option. It does not come with the time concerns, price tag, or other downsides of most skin treatments. The whole process is painless and done professionally. To top it off, the treatment is tailored to your skin type and therefore can be done on women and men of all skin types and complexions.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplaning?

A skin treatment that can achieve the same results as a chemical peel with less cost and downtime may seem like a miracle cure. In 30 or 45 minutes, the quality of your skin can be drastically changed. Dermaplaning can help in other ways too:

  • Dead skin is removed so wearing makeup or even going makeup-free can result in a dramatically improved appearance

  • You can go to work immediately after your 45-minute treatment

  • Hair removed during the treatment will not grow back faster or thicker

  • Dermaplaning works on dry skin, lined and wrinkled skin, sun damaged skin, and other skin types


What To Expect

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that results in skin that is radiant, rejuvenated, and youthful. It removes dead skin, allowing healthy, new skin to show. Your skin will be sensitive, so it is important to wear an appropriate sunscreen to protect that you are ready to show the world. Skin that is clear and soft will make you feel years younger, with many years of beautiful skin ahead of you. At Longevity Aesthetics and Laser Spa in Oklahoma City, OK we want you to enjoy the benefits of smooth, beautiful skin. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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