Advantages of PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have decided that laser tattoo removal is right for you, you need to decide which treatment option you will choose. It is good for you to do research and see the different options that are available. Take time to weigh the pros and cons of each option that is available to you. As you do your research, consider the benefits of using the PicoWay® laser. This laser tattoo removal option offers several advantages that are not available with other laser tattoo removal processes.

One of the benefits you will receive using PicoWay® for tattoo removal that is that you are more likely to enjoy fewer treatment sessions. Unfortunately, there is no way for technicians to guarantee that you will need a certain amount of sessions in order to have your tattoo completely removed. Usually, the technician will have to begin the treatment and then see how things go. However, the PicoWay® laser usually allows individuals to visit our offices for fewer sessions. Some individuals may only need three or four treatments to get great results.

Another advantage of using the PicoWay® laser is that we can treat a wide range of different tattoos. We can treat tattoos that have been applied by amateurs as well as professionals. In most cases, it is easier to remove tattoos that have been applied by professionals. The reason why this is the case is because professionals usually apply the tattoo in an even way and close to the skin’s surface. However, we have been able to see great results using the PicoWay® laser to remove tattoos that are applied by both amateurs and professionals.

You’re also going to benefit from faster results using this laser tattoo removal treatment. It provides ultra-fast delivery of energy to the tattoo. This means that it can shatter or break up even the smallest of particles. That will allow your body to get rid of the tattoo ink in a much quicker way. This means that your tattoo is going to disappear out of sight in a shorter amount of time.

Something that a lot of people are concerned about when getting laser tattoo removal is the discomfort they are going to experience when having it removed. Of course, most individuals do not describe the discomfort as something that is excruciating. However, it is a little bit uncomfortable. However, you’re only going to experience minimal discomfort when using the PicoWay® laser. The pulses are very fast, and so any discomfort that you experience will be very quick in comparison to other lasers that are used.

Schedule a consultation at Longevity to learn more about this revolutionary method of laser tattoo removal. We would love to explain how the PicoWay® laser can help you to get rid of an unwanted tattoo quickly and with minimal risks and discomfort. We can give you a realistic idea of how long it will take to remove the tattoo and what kind of results you can expect. You no longer have to feel regret over your tattoo. Let us show you how the PicoWay® laser can help you have skin you are proud to show off.

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