Benefits of BioTE Hormone Therapy

You can’t freeze the hands on the clock of time. They are going to keep on ticking and you will begin to feel it as the years march on. You expected the most noticeable signs of aging, like the gray hairs here and there or the fine lines around your eyes. But you didn’t expect to feel like your body has gone out of control. If you are like so many other men and women who are experiencing age-related fluctuations in hormones, then you know how frustrating it can be. BioTE® hormone therapy could help you to balance your hormone levels once again and improve your well-being in the process.

How Can BioTE® Hormone Therapy Help You?

As you get older, your reproductive system begins to shut down. The process begins in your forties and can last through your fifties. Your body will begin to produce less of the hormones that are related to reproduction, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As these hormones drop, they can cause troubling symptoms. Weakness and a lack of energy are common. You may wonder if you are suffering from chronic fatigue because you are tired all of the time.

Your emotions may be on a rollercoaster, up one moment and down the next. A drop in hormones can make it difficult to concentrate or to sleep. Weight gain is another issue, even though you may not have changed any of your habits. One of the most common effects is a decrease in sexual drive, which can be troubling for both you and your partner. BioTE® hormone therapy is designed to help you to bring your hormone levels back where they should be so that you can feel better.

What is BioTE® Hormone Therapy?

BioTE® hormone therapy involves the use of pellets that contain bio-identical, natural hormones. These pellets are inserted beneath your skin and the hormones are released into your body over time. To determine if BioTE® hormone therapy is right for you, our doctor will discuss your symptoms, perform an examination and take a blood test. If results show that you are experiencing a hormone deficiency, then this form of treatment can be prescribed for you in the proper dosage.

What are the Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Therapy?

BioTE® hormone therapy helps your body to become balanced once again with hormones that play a vital role in your health. Your ability to focus will return and you can feel well-rested once again. Say goodbye to those terrible mood swings and say hello to an improvement in the bedroom when it comes to sexual libido. Restore your energy levels and get back into your routine.

To find out if BioTE® hormone therapy is a good fit for you, make an appointment with our doctor at Longevity in Oklahoma City. Learn more about how this therapy can make you feel like you can slow down the aging process. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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