Enhance Your Overall Appearance with Lip Injections

As of 2016, nearly 30,000 lip augmentation procedures are being carried out every year in the United States alone. This popular cosmetic treatment has helped thousands of patients achieve their cosmetic goals by improving the size, shape and balance of their lips.

What Can Be Treated?

Many patients misunderstand what lip injections can and cannot do, and that often leads to unrealistic expectations. While lip injections are a great way to enhance the size of one’s lips, this procedure will not completely change your appearance. Instead, lip augmentation should be seen as an option to make minor alterations that will help you meet your cosmetic goals. Most patients opt for these injections to increase the size and fullness of their lips. You can also alter a single lip to match the size of the other lip.

The Ideal Lip Augmentation Candidate

The ideal patient is a healthy adult who would like to make subtle changes to the size and shape of their lips. It is also important to realize that there are some medical conditions that will make lip injections impossible. Patients who have had previous surgeries carried out on their lips might not be the best candidates. However, your candidacy will be discussed in detail during a consultation at our office.

A Look at Lip Injections

There are actually dozens of different products that can be injected into a patient’s lips, but most have the same primary ingredients. Some people do opt for long-term lip implants, but temporary fillers are the most popular cosmetic procedure for the lips. This is because temporary fillers are exceptionally safe and have fewer complications. Most temporary fillers are made from a substance known as hyaluronic acid. This is the same material that is often injected into other areas of the face to add volume and reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

The treatment itself can almost always be carried out in just a few minutes and has almost no downtime. Our specialist will simply inject the product into your lips in order to make subtle changes.

Lip Augmentation Results

Most patients can head right back to their regular daily activities after the lip injections have been carried out. The results will last for anywhere from four to 12 months, depending on which products were used.

Learn More During a Consultation

To see if lip injections are right for you, schedule a consultation at Longevity in Oklahoma City. Lip augmentation may be just what you are looking for to help you reach your cosmetic goals. Contact us todayto book your appointment.

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