Enjoy Beautiful Eyelashes with Latisse

If you were able to only have one type of makeup, which makeup what you choose to have? Most women would say that if they could only use one thing, they would hold onto their mascara. The reason why they would choose mascara is because without it, their face looks quite plain. Their eyes have almost no definition. One of the reasons why this is true is because many people have light, thin, short eyelashes. When they apply mascara, their eyelashes are immediately darker, fuller and a little bit longer.

In addition to using mascara as a way to darken and thicken the eyelashes, other people use false eyelashes. They may apply a line of lashes using glue at home, or they may go to a salon in order to have eyelash extensions applied to each lash. Either way, their goal is to have longer and darker eyelashes. However, there are a lot of disadvantages that come with using eyelash extensions and false eyelashes. These things include the fact that you cannot engage in some activities, like sitting in a sauna, since the bonding agent may become soft.

Individuals can enjoy beautiful eyelashes naturally with Latisse®. You can throw away your false eyelashes and your mascara while using this prescription drug. It is a product that is applied along the lash line in order to help you get longer, thicker, darker eyelashes naturally. We are not talking about a cream that improves the condition of your eyelashes. And we are also not talking about any synthetic product that helps your eyelashes to look better. We’re talking about your own eyelashes growing in darker, thicker and longer.

The reason why Latisse® is able to help you to enjoy beautiful eyelashes is because it affects the way your eyelashes grow. Our eyelashes go through different growth phases. Latisse® makes these phases longer. It also encourages more hair growth during these phases. When these two things work together, individuals who use this product are able to enjoy more beautiful eyelashes.

This product is applied one time per day. It is only applied along the upper lash line. It is applied using a single applicator that is thrown away after use. When you come in for your consultation and are given your Latisse® prescription, we will give you exact instructions on how to apply this product and help you to understand when you will begin to see results. Most individuals see results after just a couple of weeks of using the product.

Many individuals who have used Latisse® feel that waiting for the results is more than worth it. They love the fact that they naturally have darker and thicker eyelashes. They no longer have to spend their hard-earned money on mascara or false eyelashes. And they no longer have to spend money going to a salon in order to have eyelash extensions applied. Instead, they just apply Latisse® one time per day, and after a couple of weeks, they notice that their own eyelashes are growing in thicker, darker and longer.

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