Soften Wrinkles with Facial Fillers

Facial wrinkles often become more pronounced as we age and mature. Small creases, smile lines and other wrinkles are usually the result of thinning skin that is no longer able to hold as much moisture as it once did. A decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin is also responsible for the appearance of shallow wrinkles.

Facial fillers are a safe and effective way to treat static facial wrinkles. The procedure doesn’t involve surgery or any sort of abrasive resurfacing. Facial fillers come in many different forms, but most contain an acid that draws in and holds moisture beneath the skin. The result is a slight elevation of the skin, and the surface of the skin becomes much more smooth. We often recommend facial fillers for those individuals who seek an alternative to the more extreme forms of skin surface rejuvenation, such as a facelift or skin ablation.

About Facial Fillers

Filler injections are a liquid that contains an active ingredient, usually hyaluronic acid or something similar. This naturally-occurring acid holds moisture and plumps up the skin. As a result, the wrinkles smooth out and virtually disappear.

The Treatment Process

After consulting with the client, we decide which type of facial filler solution will produce the best result. The injection of the filler solution usually takes only about 20 minutes. The plumping action will begin almost immediately. The fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin appears more supple and taut. These fillers can yield positive results lasting anywhere from a few months to up to two years.

Research suggests that hyaluronic acid facial fillers, when injected repeatedly over several years, stimulate collagen production in the body. Patients tend to love this added benefit.

After Treatment

This is a simple cosmetic treatment that requires virtually no downtime on the part of the client. Normal activities can be resumed at once, and any swelling or redness is temporary. Repeated injection treatments work just as well as the initial procedure.

Soften Your Wrinkles

If you are tired of the annoying wrinkles that detract from your overall appearance, facial fillers may be just what you’ve been looking for. To learn more about how this simple facial rejuvenation procedure can take years off your appearance, schedule a consultation at Longevity in Oklahoma City. We offer a variety of different filler solutions for our clients to choose from. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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