Treating Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX

For a lot of people, wrinkles are just wrinkles; they are what make a person look old. However, some are surprised to find out that there are different kinds of wrinkles. There are dynamic wrinkles and there are static wrinkles. Everyone has dynamic wrinkles. They are what you see whenever someone makes a facial expression. When they smile, frown, grimace, laugh or make other expressions, the muscles under their skin contract and their skin creases. These are dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are what you see on older individuals. They are the result of losing fat in the face.

Each type of wrinkle can be treated using different cosmetic procedures. BOTOX® is one of the most effective formulas that can be used to treat dynamic wrinkles. The reason why BOTOX® is so good at treating dynamic wrinkles is because it relaxes the facial muscles. For some, this may sound like an odd idea. They may wonder how they will actually be able to make facial expressions if the muscles in their face are relaxed. The thing is, as a person gets older, the facial muscles contract even when a person is not making a facial expression. The lines in the skin that appear when a person makes a facial expression are there even when a person is not making that expression on purpose. So, BOTOX® is injected into certain muscles in order to help the muscles in the face relax.

The great thing about this treatment is that it gives a person a natural look. Their face looks rested, smooth and younger after getting BOTOX® injections. They can still make normal expressions.

You may be wondering if BOTOX® is right for you. The good news is that the vast majority of people qualify as good candidates. For the most part, you just have to be over 18 years of age and in pretty good health.

One of the things that BOTOX® patients notice is that they feel great after treatment. They are so surprised how their outer appearance affects their self-esteem, confidence and overall sense of well-being. Whenever they look in the mirror, they feel great. This causes them to feel happier and to have more confidence to do new things. Instead of wanting to stay home and do the same old thing over and over again, they feel like getting out, meeting new people and trying new things.

If you are interested in BOTOX® in order to treat your dynamic wrinkles, schedule a consultation at Longevityin Oklahoma City. If you are experiencing static wrinkles, we will discuss facial fillers and other options that are available in order to help you look your best. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office.

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