Treating Hyperpigmentation with BBL Photo Therapy

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that affects countless people worldwide. Specifically, it is a region of skin where melanin production has increased, the result being a darkened patch. This discoloration occurs beneath the epidermis. Generally, other forms of discolored skin such as injury or acne scars, rosacea and freckles are often referred to as hyperpigmentation as well.

BBL photo therapy is a treatment method that uses broad-spectrum light energy to stimulate healthier tissue growth. This treatment is non-invasive, does not involve surgery and can be performed as an outpatient procedure with no downtime required.

How Light Energy Treats Hyperpigmentation

Each layer of skin and underlying tissue is of a different tone because the tissues are composed of different substances. Light energy of a specific wavelength will penetrate through certain tissues only to be absorbed by darker material. In other words, a broadband beam of light energy contains a variety of wavelengths, and some of these wavelengths target only the darker tissues of the lower dermal layers.

The instrument used for this procedure is a special device that is pressed directly onto the skin. The lamp is flashed briefly, and the light energy penetrates through the epidermis and is absorbed by the melanin-rich skin layers that lie beneath. The cells absorb the energy, and damaged cells are partially cauterized. The body is in a sense tricked, and the brain responds as if a slight injury has occurred.

This is what kick-starts the rejuvenation process. The dead or damaged skin cells are soon discarded, and the body produces more collagen in the affected areas. Nutrients are sent via the bloodstream to the affected areas, and newer, healthier tissue growth begins.

What Clients Need to Know

Before performing this procedure, we schedule a consultation with the client so that we can examine the trouble spots and offer realistic outcome predictions. Generally, this procedure is ideal for those who have lighter skin tone with minor discolorations.

The individual wears protective eye shades during the procedure. The instrument produces a brief flash of multi-wavelength light energy. The sensation is like being snapped with a rubber band.

A typical treatment session lasts only about 20 to 30 minutes. In most cases, we schedule about four or five sessions, spaced about two weeks apart.

The Rejuvenation Effect

Over time, darker skin cells are discarded, and the body produces newer tissue that is rich in collagen. After a series of treatment sessions, visible improvement in overall skin tone is noticeable. The positive results can last for up to a year or more.

Quite often, BBL photo therapy is combined with other treatments in order to enhance the results. Only after a consultation can we determine whether BBL photo therapy alone is sufficient to correct your problem of discolored skin and hyperpigmentation.

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