What Can Dysport Do for Me?

Dynamic wrinkles will eventually plague everyone at some point in their life. They are just a natural part of the aging process. One of the best examples of dynamic wrinkles are crow’s feet. They are those annoying wrinkles that start to form on the sides of your eyes when you smile. Over time, those wrinkles become etched in your face, and they can drastically change your appearance.

Dysport® is a product that is designed to address dynamic wrinkles before they become problematic. It has been approved for use by the FDA, and it is available and approved for use in more than 23 countries around the world. It is very much like BOTOX® in that it is injected into the treated area and causes temporary muscle relaxation.

While both Dysport® and BOTOX® share some similarities, there are a few things that make the former stand out. For example, many studies have shown that Dysport® may act quicker than BOTOX®. It takes between three to five days for BOTOX® to work. Dysport® begins to show results within one or two days. In fact, some patients have said that their dynamic wrinkles began to dissipate within 24 hours of their initial treatment. For a person who is looking to improve their appearance quickly, especially before a big event or a social meeting, this product may be the best option.

Other reports have shown that Dysport® can keep wrinkles at bay for up to four to six months. This is longer than the three-month average patients see with BOTOX®.

Good candidates for this treatment are in good overall health without any diseases that affect their nervous system or musculoskeletal system. This is because the product works directly with a person’s nervous system and their facial muscles. Any irregularity in these areas at the outset can lead to complications.

To get the best results from these treatments, you need to understand what the product can and cannot do for you. Dysport® is a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment. However, it will not take a 40-year-old man and turn him into a 20-year-old man. What it will do is make you look like a better version of yourself. You will look younger, you will look refreshed and you will look revitalized.

Dysport® is making a name for itself as a powerful treatment for dynamic wrinkles. Set up a consultation at Longevity in Oklahoma City to see if this product is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

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