Neograft Hair Restoration

The majority of hair restoration treatments available on the market today offer only temporary benefits and unsatisfied patients. NeoGraft, the newest, most advanced method of hair transplantation, is providing men and women with a minimally invasive option that is long- lasting and natural looking.

NeoGraft is the first and only Class One FDA listed automated medical device for use in hair restoration. The procedure collects, harvests and implants individual follicular hair grafts. NeoGraft is an exciting breakthrough for anyone experiencing hair loss!

Hair loss sufferers can now take advantage of the benefits of NeoGraft, which requires no stitch and no scalpel. The FUE hair transplant is a very effective surgical procedure that allows for the precise placement of new hair follicles to result in a fuller and more natural-looking hairline. This procedure reduces the risk of unappealing linear scarring, something that has been associated with typical hair transplant surgeries.

Neograft Hair Restoration can be used in conjunction with the iGrow Hair Growth System! The iGrow is a clinically proven and safe in-home device, designed and produced to treat thinning hair and balding in both men and women. Low level light therapy (LLLT) energizes cellular activity within the follicle and promotes the proliferation of thick, full and healthier-looking hair.

NeoGraft Benefits Include:

  • Just Like The Real Thing – Hair can be worn at any length by both men and women, with natural results.

  • Less Invasive and Time Consuming – Automated technology resulting in the least invasive hair transplantation option.

  • Less Pain – No scalpel incision and little to no discomfort. No staples or unappealing linear scarring.

  • Quick Recovery Time – Minimal downtime, patients can return to work the following day.

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Skin Concerns:

  • Hair Loss
  • Thinning Hair


  • Gain Confidence
  • Hair Growth
  • Minimally Invasive (No Stitches or Staples)
  • Little or No Discomfort
  • Hairline is Naturally Looking (No Linear Scar)

Ideal Patient:

  • Men & Women
  • Looking to Restore Hairline

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