Why get BBL?

Over time, freckles, age spots, small facial veins or rosacea make you look less radiant and older. At Longevity in Oklahoma City, Sciton BBL® phototherapy is a revolutionary method of skin rejuvenation that improves your skin’s appearance and tone. Photo Rejuvenation delivers broadband light (BBL) filtered to a wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the targeted tissues with minimal effect on surrounding skin. Skin issues like acne, redness and hyperpigmentation start below the skin’s surface, which is why topical products alone are often ineffective. Reaching the source of the problem requires an advanced treatment like the Sciton Forever Young BBL (broadband light). Longevity uses BBL to minimize sun damage, brown spots, age spots, discoloration and fine lines. In addition, the treatments work to stimulate collagen to produce a more youthful look. Schedule a complimentary consultation at Longevity by calling 405-703-4990!

“The photo facial and other treatments and products are above and beyond what I can get at my local beauty supply/Walgreens/Ulta/etc. I am very happy with my results and with the knowledge I now have thanks to the lovely staff at Longevity!”
- Sarah H.

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• Smoother Skin
• Vibrant & Younger Looking
• Improves Acne
• Skin Firmness
• Flexibility in Treatment Levels
• No Downtime



• Hands: 15 minutes
• Face: 30-45 Minutes
• Chest/Neck: 25 minutes
• Body Zones: 30 - 60 minutes



• Freckles
• Rosacea
• Sun Damage
• Age Spots
• Redness
• Small Facial Veins
• Acne
• Enlarged Pores


Recovery Time & Side Effects:

• Mild swelling and redness for 24-48 hours
Darkening of treated spot areas followed by fading and flaking off
Results depend on your skin type, the number of treatments, and the area treated.
In most cases, you are able to resume your activities immediately.

How do I get Started?

Please call Longevity at 405-703-4990 to schedule your complimentary consultation or contact us online.