Botox Treatments 101: All You Need to Know

Botox Treatments 101: All You Need to Know

Many beauty influencers tend to frown upon botox. This general disdain stems from society’s lack of knowledge. Someone who gets work done on their face incurs the wrath of social media trolls and their beauty is suddenly fake.

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In their fight to establish that the face one is born with is beautiful enough, people tend to forget that if a person wants to alter their appearance, it should be completely up to them. We are actively involved in destigmatizing botox and spreading awareness.


Did you know the term Botox actually comes from a compound called Botulinum Toxin Type A? It is a synthetic protein that bonds with the actin present in our muscles. On being bonded with, the actin blocks the nerve signals that cause the muscle to contract.

Hence, Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by essentially relieving facial expressions that cause them in the first place.

Botox is most popularly used for treating forehead wrinkles, smile lines, and crow’s feet.


Your skin starts showing signs of aging as the body produces lesser amounts of collagen and elastin over the years. Collagen and elastin are the structures of the skin that maintain elasticity and firmness.

Your facial expressions leave behind an impression in the form of wrinkles which are now harder to fight off given the skin’s dwindling collagen and elastin production.

Unprotected exposure to the sun is known to make the skin appear older. The UV ray targets the sensitive skin around the eyes and brow. In addition, the earth’s gravity too, causes sagging, most prominently seen around the neck and jaw.


Botox, by all means, is a pain-free and minimally invasive procedure. It only takes around a few minutes and you are not required to go under anesthesia.

Your dermatologist will inject the Botulinum Toxic A into the muscle. Botox takes about a week or two for any visible results. You will be asked to stay off alcohol for a while (at least 7 days). You should also avoid anti-inflammatory medicines for the next couple of weeks to come.

It is very important for you to know that Botox is more effective as a preventive procedure rather than restorative. The prescription dermal filler relaxes your muscles which accounts for the smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. This is primarily why there has been a rise in Botox procedures among the 20 something young adult populace.


Practitioners suggest the following tips to incorporate Botox into your beauty routine -

  • A healthy, balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Double cleanse your face every night
  • Never EVER skip sunscreen, even on cloudy day

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A Botulinum shot lasts about 3-6 months, following which you need another session to maintain optimal results. Rest assured that our botox treatments come with virtually no downtime at all. You can simply pop in for 15 minutes before heading back to work. To know more schedule a free consultation from our website.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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