• Visia Skincare Computer

    How Does Visia Work?

    It's Easy.

    You'll come in makeup free (or we can help you remove your makeup). First, you place your face (makeup-free) in front of the camera on the chin rest with your eyes closed.

    Then the machine photographs your face at 3 different angles — a fast and comfortable process — using various light spectrums to reveal more than we can see with the naked eye.

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    What Does Visia Analyze?

    The analysis measures 9 key points -- against a database of over 250,000 people:

    • UV Spots/Sun Damage
    • Skin Pigmentation (browns and reds)
    • Broken Capillaries
    • Wrinkles
    • Porphyrins (bacteria stuck in pores that forms acne),
    • Pore Size
    • ...and more
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    How Much Does A Visia Skincare Analysis Cost?

    Most Medical Spas and Dermatologist Offices charge up to $125. for each Visia camera consultation.

    At Longevity, we offer this service free to our clients. We view it as a part of our education and our responsibility to you.

Why is a Visia Skincare analysis important?

At Longevity, we don't just tell you we'll take great care of your skin -- we will show you.

Visia is the state of the art camera system and a revolutionary way of evaluating the overall health and condition of your skin.

Using advanced imaging technology and a database of over 250,000 people -- Visia can analyze your skin's texture, pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, pores, and bacteria levels. But what is the benefit of getting a Visia Skin Analysis?

  • Visia has a database of over 200,000 people that you can compare your skin to. This gives you a great way to tell how your skin is doing compared to others that are your same age.

  • Visia allows you to truly be in partnership with your skincare professional because you are both seeing results and reports together at the same time. Visia Skin Analysis can help you better understand your skin's unique needs and characteristics. It can reveal any underlying skin conditions or concerns you may have, such as acne, rosacea, or sun damage. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your skincare routine and which products to use.

  • Additionally, a Visia Skin Analysis can track the progress of any skincare treatments or regimens you are currently using. By measuring your skin's changes over time, you can see if a product or treatment is actually improving the health of your skin. We call that a definite win for our clients.

  • Lastly, a Visia Skin Analysis can serve as a preventative measure. By detecting any potential skin problems early on, you can take action to address them before they become more severe.

  • Overall, a Visia Skin Analysis is an incredible tool for anyone looking to achieve healthier, more radiant skin. With its detailed analysis and personalized recommendations -- it can truly help you achieve your skincare goals and maintain a beautiful complexion for years to come.

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More About Visia at Longevity

1. Visible spots: Those are the solar lentigos, seborrheic keratoses, or other discolored brown and red spots we can see with the naked eye.

2. Wrinkles: This is taking a very close look at every line in your face, so it's going to be pickier than you might be when you look in the mirror.

3. Texture: This will look at the raised and depressed areas of the skin, analyzing the overall smoothness.

4. Pores: This score measures your enlarged pores.

5. UV spots: Using UV light, the VISIA shows the sun damage to your skin that we can't yet see with the naked eye.

6. Brown spots: The VISIA also gives us an image of the brown spots that are beneath the surface of the skin.

7. Red areas: This image reveals conditions such as inflammation or spider veins.

8. Porphyrins: A porphyrin is a substance secreted by bacteria on the skin, and an increased concentration of them indicates clogged pores or skin oiliness.

How Visia

Using all this data, the VISIA can give you something called your "true skin age."

This is no trick or a way to flatter or insult you. It's a scientific method to give you a sense of whether you need to do something to correct the damage the sun, environment and lifestyle has done to your skin over the years, and let you know whether to correct and protect yourself more for the future.

The VISIA gives us some other fun info, too.

It can measure your eyelash length, for example. We can use a 3D viewer to get a topographical look at your skin.

And for the brave --- we can show you a simulated image of what you'll look like at 80 years old — if you do nothing to prevent the sun and pollution from wreaking havoc on your face, that is. (You can absolutely skip this step if you want; but we encourage you to lean into the process fully.)

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