Why choose Longevity to treat sun damage on my skin?

Sun damage can cause various skin issues, including premature aging, wrinkles, age spots and discoloration. Treating sun damage is essential to help protect your skin from further damage and to restore its youthful appearance. At Longevity Med Spa in Oklahoma City, we offer various services to help minimize the appearance of sun damage.

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  • Resolve By Picoway

    Picoway Resolve is a laser treatment that can target sun damage and help reduce wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of sun damage.

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  • BBL Broad Light in OKC at Longevity

    BBL Broadband Light

    BBL Broadband Light is a treatment that uses light to target sun damage and improve the texture and tone of your skin.

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  • BBL at Longevity

    Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels can also help reduce the appearance of sun damage and discoloration.

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  • ELOS in OKC

    Elos | IPL

    Elos laser IPL treatment is a powerful solution to diminish the signs of sun-induced harm to your skin. This intensive pulsed light method works by penetrating the epidermis to target affected cells, which can diminish the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, discoloration, and other evidence of sun damage. This laser light stimulationfurtherpromotes the creation of collagen to improve skin tone and texture.

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