Choose BBL For Younger And Rejuvenated Skin

Choose BBL For Younger And Rejuvenated Skin

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Problems of acne and pigmentation affect young people as well as adults. For other home-based therapies will never improve the condition of your skin. If you think the only option left for your intensive acne drug, it might be time to take Broad Band Light treatment which is a non-invasive treatment for the recovery of a smooth and flawless tint.


BBLTM therapies use laser and pulsed light technology for heating the skin's upper layers. The heat energy is applied to the tissues and absorbed by the skin cells. This method stimulates the development of collagen, removes small vessels and extracts unwanted cells of melanin.

Every treatment is provided with a topical anesthetic in a clinic setting. On average, each procedure takes an hour. Some patients can resume daily activities immediately and have very limited downtime criteria. Many of BBL treatments are targeted at the neck, but with shoulder, back and hand issues, you can also benefit dramatically.


  • Improves acne-Patients with difficult-to-treat acne select BBLTM therapies because laser heat destroys acne-creating bacteria in order to cure existing acne and avoid potential issues.

  • Removes Pigmentation — Laser radiation kills the hyperpigmented, brown spots and red spots of undiscovered melanin cells.

  • Removes Redness – the heating process of BBLTM eliminates surface capillaries and vessels which cause diffused redness.

  • Smooth skin – BBLTM therapies stimulate the development of collagen to make skins smooth and restore lost face volume.


Therapies with BBLTM are not invasive and do not lead to noticeable scarring. Therapies are gentle and can deliver dramatic, lasting outcomes to most patients. In order to achieve smooth, flawless skin most patients need only three to five sessions. BBLTM therapy requires very little downtime, and most patients can return to work immediately, apply makeup, and resume their everyday work.


Getting a trustworthy clinic with experts will no longer be an issue if you are a resident of Oklahoma. Our Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa provides a prudent and effective broadband light treatment that gives you utmost satisfaction.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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