Choosing BBL for Face Rejuvenation- The Best Decision to Make

Choosing BBL for Face Rejuvenation- The Best Decision to Make

The significance of harmonious results is something we are talking about here. We mean all of your features look balanced and suitable for one another when we are saying "harmonious results." You wouldn't look harmonious if you had Botox in your eyes, for example, but didn't treat the deep frowned lines on your brow to clear the crow's feet. Therefore, we frequently use derma fillers with Botox to make sure that all matches.

bbl face treatment

It may be difficult to ensure that everything is harmonious when it comes to skin procedures, mainly since most skin processes deal only with small specific areas of the face. For many reasons, this may be so. Perhaps more tissues than we need would not be harmed if we did the whole face, or the process is time-consuming. However, there is a procedure which allows us to treat the whole face with a full 3D rejuvenation that looks perfectly harmonious: BBL Face Treatment.


Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL) is a new treatment here, but our patients have already received a big spark.

You should feel very comfortable with this new medication if you have knowledge of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy. BBL is basically a more innovative, sophisticated IPL version. Briefly, this is a treatment for the next generation that treats redness, the sun and an uneven tone of skin efficiently.

In the sense that we use energy of light as a treatment for your skin, BBL is somewhat similar to laser skin treatment. In contrast to lasers, however, BBL is considerably less invasive, and utilizes light energy to 'damage' skin cells that cause uneven skin tones or sunflowers. In particular, the light energy’s wavelength tuned to heat and damage cells and pigments that cause brown spots and redness of skin. When this happens, the natural healing processes of your body go into action to break these damaged cells down and reabsorb them. The redness and darker spots are removed, replacing them with new and healthier skin cells.

BBL is a much more versatile treatment, not only to deal with redness and skin texture problems. Any color problems on the skin, including excess pigment (frock), broken and red capillaries and rosacea, can be improved dramatically after a few rounds of BBL. It can help not only, but also if you have acne in adults. The energy of lights affects your super active sebaceous glands so that too much acne-causing oil is prevented. Although these results are not permanent, repeated treatments with BBL can help you manage your problem with acne.

As we use light energy in BBL face treatment, we can treat the surface of a laser treatment like Halo much more at once than we can. In one session, it allows us to treat all your face. Compared to laser treatments, the treatment is convenient and comfortable. Some patients quickly snap on their skin, compared to a rubber band. It's more like a small shock than a permanent feeling. And we can use an actual anesthetic to help if it is uncomfortable!

Although the whole face can be treated with BBL on an appointment, you will still need some treatments to achieve your ultimate results. Only one visit at Longevity Aesthetics & Laser Spa in OKC can help your skin tone to get even, but after a few rounds of BBL face treatment, your results can be dramatic.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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