Difference Between Liposuction And Nonsurgical Fat Removal Procedures

Difference Between Liposuction And Nonsurgical Fat Removal Procedures

Difference Between Liposuction And Nonsurgical Fat Removal Procedures

Liposuction is a surgical fat removal procedure. The specialist uses a hollow and small tube to remove extra fat from your body during the surgery. You can remove fat from the abdomen, back, legs, face, neck and arms. But the healing time is longer than the usual non-surgical fat removal process. You may recover within a minimum of six weeks. Liposuction is way more expensive than other fat removal processes.

Other Non-Surgical Fat Removal Processes

There are various non surgical fat removal processes that are used to remove excess fats. The processes are CoolSculpting®, BodyTite, SmartLipo®, SculpSure® and truSculpt®.


The patients who have a little fat in their abdomen, hips and thighs, it is the best solution. During this treatment, a cryolipolysis device is used to cool the extra fat cells. It does not affect the surrounding tissue at all. When the unwanted fat cells die, these can be removed automatically from the body. You may notice the final result after almost three months.


This non-surgical fat removal process tightens the skin and reduces the excess fat from the body. The specialist uses radiofrequency energy during the procedure. The specialist inserts an internal probe to deliver the thermal energy. It melts the fat and strengthens collagen bands. While doing the process, the expert uses an external applicator to provide radiofrequency energy. It tightens the skin more. The patients who don’t have excessive fat are eligible for this process. You may notice the final result after two to three weeks. As BodyTite increases the collagen production in the skin, you may see the tightening within a month. 

Advantages of Non-Surgical Fat Removal Procedures

  • The surgical fat removal process is a way more aggressive method. The patients may experience bruising, soreness and swelling for a few days. But if you want to try the nonsurgical fat removal procedures, then you may not feel pain. 

  • You may notice the difference several weeks after doing the treatments. But keep in mind that these nonsurgical treatments are not a replacement for weight loss. 

  • If you go for Liposuction, then you have to restrict daily activities for a specific period of time. But if you do nonsurgical fat removal procedures, then you can return to your daily life immediately.

Want to Try to Get the Perfect Look?

If you want to reduce a small amount of body fat and look perfect, you should try nonsurgical fat removal procedures. You may contact Longevity Aesthetic and Laser Spa in OKC. The professionals can suggest the best treatment option for you.

**Disclaimer: This content is neither a medical advice nor it  imply a doctor-patient relationship.

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